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Chancellor's Message

On behalf of the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, I am pleased to introduce you to the 2009-2010 General Catalog. This publication contains valuable information that should help you navigate smoothly through the detailed “business” of planning your academic journey.

If you take some time to look through the broad range of course offerings, the descriptions of our several schools and colleges, and our directory of distinguished faculty, you will soon understand what a precious resource our university is to the state and our citizens.

As the flagship campus in the University of Hawai‘i System, we have offered world class educational opportunities to five generations of students for a hundred years, and our alumni can be found in leadership positions around the globe. As we begin our second century, we reaffirm our commitment to creating the careers of tomorrow through research, educating people for those careers, and preparing our graduates to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

While we are justifiably proud of our academic excellence, we take equal pride in our tremendous diversity, including our Hawaiian host culture. These strengths reinforce the classroom and laboratory experience with opportunities to become truly global citizens. Our location in the midst of the world’s largest ocean and the cultural traditions that have contributed to our rich social fabric draw students from all over the world to our campus– offering added value to your educational experience here.

Manoa is equally proud of its commitment to enabling and ensuring student success. As reflected in our reaccreditation Institutional Proposal, we are developing a student academic support structure to enable learners to enter into, progress through, and graduate in deliberate, well-considered, personally enriching, and intellectually-expanding ways. In addition, we are developing a campus renewal plan focusing on community engagement and student learning.

I invite you to review the Catalog and discover the individuals and academic programs that will transform your life.

Virginia S. Hinshaw
UH Manoa