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UH Manoa Core Requirements

Foundations Requirements

Diversification Requirements

UH Manoa Graduation Requirements

Focus Requirements

Hawaiian or Second Language (HSL)

Undergraduate Advising Offices

Undergraduate General Education Requirements

To graduate from UH Manoa, a student must satisfy (a) General Education requirements, (b) requirements of the student’s college or school, and (c) requirements of the student’s specific academic major. (Consulting his or her college/school advising office can help a student select courses that simultaneously satisfy more than one requirement.) This section of the Catalog describes the UH Manoa General Education requirements:

  1. Foundations
  2. Diversification
  3. Focus
  4. Hawaiian or second-language competence

Foundations and Diversification together are UH Manoa Core requirements. Focus and Hawaiian or Second Language together are UH Manoa Special Graduation requirements. Students who transfer to UH Manoa with an AA from another UH system school are considered to have fulfilled UH Manoa Core (Foundations and Diversification) requirements.

A grade of D (not D-) or higher is required for a course to fulfill General Education requirements. The Credit/No Credit option is not allowed for any course taken to fulfill a General Education requirement, with the exception of those courses offered only for CR/NC. (See “Grades” for additional information.)

General Education Overview

1. Foundations Requirements

  • Written Communication (FW*; 3 credits)
  • Symbolic Reasoning (FS*; 3 credits)
  • Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FGA, FGB, FGC*; 6 credits)

2. Diversification Requirements

  • Arts, Humanities, and Literatures (6 credits from 2 categories)
    – Arts (DA*)
    – Humanities (DH*)
    – Literatures (DL*)
  • Social Sciences (DS*; 6 credits)
  • Natural Sciences (3 credits biological science, 3 credits physical science, 1 credit science lab)
    –Biological Science (DB*)
    –Physical Science (DP*)
    –Laboratory (science) (DY*)

3. Focus Requirements

  • Hawaiian, Asian, & Pacific Issues (H or HAP**; 1 course)
  • Contemporary Ethical Issues (E or ETH**; 1 course)
  • Oral Communication (O or OC**; 1 course)
  • Writing Intensive (W or WI**; 5 courses)

4. Hawaiian or Second Language (HSL*; competence at the 202 level)

(Some colleges/schools have waived or modified this requirement. Consult your college/school advisor.)

* These abbreviations appear after course descriptions to identify courses that meet specific requirements. See the “Courses” section in this Catalog to view course descriptions.
** The Schedule of Classes and the STAR Degree Check indicate Focus classes by “H,” “E,” “O,” and “W.” “Check Class Availability” on the UH Manoa Registration Homepage (www.hawaii.edu/myuh/manoa/) indicates Focus sections with “HAP,” “ETH,” “OC,” and “WI.”