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Shidler College of Business

Student Organizations

Active student organizations within Shidler College provide students with opportunities to interact socially, academically, and professionally. These organizations include Accounting Club, American Marketing Association, Beta Alpha Psi, Business Executive Society of Tomorrow, Entrepreneurs Club, Financial Management Association, Information Technology Management Association, Inter-Business Council, Pi Sigma Epsilon, and Society of Human Resource Management. Students with superior academic records are invited for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honor society for business majors, Mu Kappa Tau for marketing majors, and Beta Alpha Psi for accounting majors.

The Graduate Business Student Association is a focal point of graduate student life at Shidler College. All graduate business students are members. Net Impact is another graduate student organization. Its purpose is to foster student leadership ability and promote socially responsible business practices.

Guest speakers, tours of local businesses, workshops, seminars, and internships are supported by the various student organizations—many of which have earned national recognition and awards for their contributions to the professional development of Shidler College students.

Honors and Awards

Shidler College of Business and its departments provide scholarships and awards to exceptional students. For a list of these scholarships, see the “Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid” section of this Catalog. Detailed information on scholarships can be obtained from the Office of Student Academic Services, BusAd B-101, (808) 956-8215.