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Family and Consumer Sciences

Apparel Product Design & Merchandising Program

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Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Instructional and Research Facilities

Modern laboratories as well as statewide field laboratories are an important part of undergraduate and graduate instruction. Students are able to learn the latest research methods. Classrooms are well-equipped for learning computer applications.

Student Organizations

CTAHR students are encouraged to join and actively participate in student organizations. CTAHR student organizations provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their professional field through diverse activities. Students can acquire transferable skills and competencies outside of the classroom while gaining invaluable knowledge they can utilize in the work force. Developing lasting friendships with peers and faculty are also benefits of active participation in student organizations. Current CTAHR student organizations include:

  • Innovators of Fashion
  • Pre-Veterinary Club
  • Food Science and Human Nutrition Council
  • Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences Society
  • Friends of the Family
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Management Graduate Student Organization
  • Ka Mea Kolo (Entomology Club)
  • Tropical Plant Pathology Graduate Student Organization
  • Biological Engineering Student Association
  • Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences Graduate Student Organization
  • CTAHR Club

Exceptional students may also be recommended for membership to honorary societies such as: Gamma Sigma Delta and Phi Upsilon Omicron.

Honors and Awards

The College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources and its departments provide scholarships and awards to its students. For a list of these scholarships, see the “Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid” section of this Catalog. More information on scholarships and awards can be obtained from the CTAHR Academic and Student Affairs Office, Gilmore 210, (808) 956-8183.