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College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

General Information

The College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) was established with the founding of UH in 1907. CTAHR is a leading academic institution in tropical agriculture, biological engineering, food science and human nutrition, apparel design and merchandising, biotechnology, natural resources and environmental management, and family resources. Hawai‘i’s unique geographic location, ecological diversity, and multicultural population provide students with a living laboratory. The college is the locus of educational opportunities for students preparing to become tomorrow’s scientists, technologists, business leaders, family development specialists, fashion designers and merchandisers, nutritionists, and policy makers.

The land-grant mission of CTAHR provides students with an opportunity to study in an environment that blends teaching, research, and extension programs dedicated to discovering the secrets of basic science while addressing contemporary issues. Faculty members bring to the classroom the unique perspective of emerging research issues, coupled with an abiding commitment to education.

Through its extension activities, the college provides off-campus, noncredit educational programs focused on the advancement of agriculture in Hawai‘i, protection of the environment, and the strengthening of families and communities.

Through its research activities, the college promotes the advancement of life sciences and applications for productive sustainable agriculture. Investigations cover plant and animal physiology; plant, insect, microbial, aquacultural, bioreactor and environmental biotechnology; diseases, insects, and parasites; agronomy; soils; food science; food processing; environmental management; biological engineering; bioremediation; biochemistry; human and animal nutrition; breeding and genetics; and culture, production, economics, marketing, and quality of life for individuals and families.

CTAHR Program Goals:

To prepare its students for success, CTAHR’s programs focus on four goals that incorporate characteristics desired by prospective employers. Each CTAHR graduate should be able to:

  • Communicate appropriately and clearly in a variety of oral and written forms to both professional and non-technical audiences.
  • Apply analytical, problem-solving, business management, and technological skills to everyday and discipline-related challenges.
  • Develop positive and ethical personal characteristics and appropriate interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Gain a broad understanding of real-world experiences and global issues through the exploration of and involvement in career-related opportunities.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

Certificates: Graduate Resource Management Certificate, Agribusiness Management Certificate

Bachelor’s Degrees: BS in animal sciences, BS in apparel product design and merchandising, BS in biological engineering, BS in family resources, BS in food science and human nutrition, BS in natural resources and environmental management, BS in plant and environmental biotechnology, BS in plant and environmental protection sciences, BS in tropical plant and soil sciences

Master’s Degrees: MS in biological engineering, MS in entomology, MS in food science, MS in animal sciences, MS in molecular biosciences and bioengineering, MS in natural resources and environmental management, MS in nutritional sciences, MS in tropical plant pathology, MS in tropical plant and soil sciences

Doctoral Degrees: PhD in entomology, PhD in molecular biosciences and bioengineering, PhD in natural resources and environmental management, PhD in nutrition, PhD in tropical plant pathology, PhD in tropical plant and soil sciences


CTAHR Office of Academic and Student Affairs
Gilmore 210
3050 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-8183 or (808) 956-6733
Fax: (808) 956-3706
Email: acadaff@ctahr.hawaii.edu
Web: www.ctahr.hawaii.edu