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Biomedical Sciences D-204
1960 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-8267
Email: ehurwitz@hawaii.edu


*Graduate Faculty

*E. L. Hurwitz, DC, PhD (Chair)—epidemiology
* S. Chang, PhD—infectious diseases
*J. D. Curb, MD—epidemiology, chronic diseases
*A. Diwan, PhD—infectious diseases
*J. Douglas, PhD—infectious diseases
*D. Easa, MD—clinical research
*M. T. Goodman, MPH, PhD—epidemiology
*A. Grandinetti, PhD—epidemiology
*J. S. Grove, PhD—biostatistics
*D. J. Gubler, ScD—arboviruses and vector-borne disease, epidemiology and control
*A. Katz, MD, MPH—epidemiology, infectious diseases
*L. Kolonel, MPH, PhD—cancer research
*L. Le Marchand, MD, MPH, PhD—epidemiology, cancer research
*D. Li—biostatistics
*Y. Lu—environmental health
*G. Maskarinec, MD, MPH—cancer research
*S. P. Murphy, PhD—cancer research
*V. Nerurkar, PhD—infectious diseases
*R. Novotny, PhD—nutritional epidemiology
*B. Rodriguez, MD, MPH, PhD—epidemiology, chronic diseases
*L. White, MD, MPH—epidemiology, chronic diseases
*L. R. Wilkens, DrPH—biostatistics
*R. Yanagihara, MD, MPH—infectious diseases

Degree Offered: PhD in biomedical sciences (epidemiology)

The Academic Program

The PhD in biomedical sciences with a concentration in epidemiology is comprised of graduate faculty from the Department of Public Health Sciences; Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i; Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacology; Department of Microbiology; and the Pacific Basin Research Center. Candidates who successfully complete this program will be able to teach in academic and other settings, conduct independent and collaborative epidemiologic research, and provide consultative services to academic, not-for-profit, governmental, and private organizations.

Although applicants to this program are not required to have a master’s degree in epidemiology or a closely related field, all applicants are expected to have a strong background in the natural and/or social sciences. Because we look for applicants who are committed to epidemiologic research and practice, past research and related work experience are important factors in selecting candidates. We encourage applications from candidates who have well-focused research interests and career goals. The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) and three letters of recommendation are required for application. Applicants must also include a written statement with the application indicating why they want to pursue a doctoral degree in epidemiology and why they want to pursue this degree here at the University of Hawai‘i.

A prospective applicant is expected to communicate with one of our graduate faculty members in his or her area of interest or with the program’s chair and to be accepted as an applicant by a faculty member prior to admission. The faculty member involved will serve as an interim advisor upon the individual’s admission into the PhD program. A listing of the PhD in biomedical sciences (epidemiology) faculty is available at www.hawaii.edu/publichealth/faculty/faculty.html. All candidates take a qualifying examination upon completion of all required courses in epidemiology and biostatistics and core courses in infectious diseases and chronic disease epidemiology (usually after their first year of enrollment). This is followed by elective courses in the candidate’s area(s) of interest, a teaching practicum, an oral comprehensive examination, and dissertation research. Candidates should refer to the Catalog for procedural and substantive details.

A few teaching and research assistantships are available for degree candidates. Qualified students may also apply for East-West Center fellowships. Contact Dr. Eric Hurwitz (Chair), at ehurwitz@hawaii.edu for additional details.