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General Information


Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program


Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work


Henke 230
1800 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-7182
Fax: (808) 956-5964
Email: sswadmit@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/sswork

Dean: Jon K. Matsuoka


*Graduate Faculty

*J. Matsuoka, PhD—Dean, community development, multicultural and indigenous issues, international issues
*P. Adams, PhD—social policy ethics, restorative justice, assessment and learning, culture and hybridity
*P. Arnsberger, PhD—Chair of Research Sequence, Interim Director of Research, research and evaluation, health, gerontology
*K. Braun, DrPH—social behavioral health sciences, gerontology
*C. Browne, DrPH, MSW—Chair of Gerontology, women’s issues, health care, gerontology
K. Causey, LCSW—Proof of Concept Study, clinical practice, youth and families, training
N. Chang, MSW—Chair of BSW program, information technology and diversity programs
*B. Coyne, PhD—criminology, sex offender programs
E. Daniggelis, PhD, MPH—Coordinator of Ku Me Ka ‘Ohana, cross cultural and qualitative applied research
M. DeMattos, MSW—Educational Specialist, youth and families, substance abuse, training
K. Duponte, MSW—Director HCWEC, cultural awareness, racial disproportionality
J. Garlock, MSW—child welfare, decolonization of social work, international social work, Pacific Island studies, violence against women, disability studies
*M. Godinet, PhD, MSW—Chair of Child and Family Concentration, Title IV-E P.I., delinquency prevention, social and adjustment issues of Pacific Islander youth, multi and cross-cultural issues
J. Graessle, MSW—Assistant to the Dean, management of sexual and domestic violence offenders in the community, social work practice with survivors of sexual and domestic violence
H. Guanson, EdD, MS—peace studies, indigenous issues
*J. Guo, PhD, MSW—Chair of Policy, social welfare policy, child and family issues, international and comparative social welfare
A. Hashiguchi, MSW—Practicum Assistant, multi-ethnic issues, youth and families, health/mental health, education
*V. Horvath, PhD, MSW—Program Coordinator of distance education delivery option, child welfare, child maltreatment, disordered gambling
*L. Ka‘opua, PhD, MSW—Chair of Health, mental health, and health disparities
M. Kaulukukui, MSW— Proof of Concept Study, mental health specialist (including forensic)
J. Kishida, MEd—Educational Specialist, MSW/PhD programs
T. Kreif, MSW—Coordinator of DHS Eligibility Project
C. Langworthy, MSW—Assistant Director of Practicum, gerontology, mental health
K. Lee, MSW—disaster response, mental health
F. Li, PhD—health disparity, child welfare and gerontology
W. Lum, MPH—family care giving for the elderly, aging and public policy
L. Lund, MA—Leadership Trainer, child welfare
T. Martin, MSW—child and adolescent mental health
*P. Mataira, PhD, MSW—Director of Indigenous Affairs, Chair of HBSE, strategies for economic and community development, multicultural indigenous issues, working with men, qualitative research
R. Matayoshi, MSW—Director of Practicum, Director of International Programs, volunteerism, volunteer management, peace, leadership, interdisciplinary education
*H. McCubbin, PhD, MSW—Director of CTERP, family stress and coping, longitudinal study of resilient children and families, multi-ethnic families
*C. Mills, PhD, MSW—Chair of MSW Progran, child welfare, infant mental health, substance abuse treatment, program evaluation
*N. Mokuau, DSW, MSW—Asian/Pacific Islander health issues
*P. Morelli, PhD, MSW—Doctoral Program Chair, Chair of Mental Health Concentration, social work practice, cross-cultural/minority mental health, qualitative research
*C. Nagatoshi, PhD, MSW—research and evaluation, public assistance programs, poverty
*S. Onken, PhD, MSW—mental health specialist, recovery, hate violence, coercion and trauma, services evaluation
M. Ono, MSW—Coordinator of Student Services, mental health, substance abuse, cross cultural practice
L. Paglinawan, MSW—Hawaiian Learning Program, indigenous issues
K. Patterson, MDiv—peace studies, indigenous issues
P. Paul, MSW—Hi‘ilei Project, child and adolescent mental health
N. Shiratori, MSW— Eligibility Analyst, domestic violence in immigrant communities, world cultures and politics, peace and conflict
S. Simms, MSW—child welfare, foster care, mental health
*R. Stotzer, PhD, MSW—Director of distance education delivery option, prejudice, stereotypes and hate crimes
I Strom, MS—research
J. Sur, MSW—child welfare, disability studies, substance abuse, social work in educational settings
C. Tarutani, MSW—children and families, substance abuse, forensic social work
C. L. Wilson, MSW—PI of Na Lei Mamo, gerontology, community building, professional development
*E. Wong, PhD—measurement statistics, research methods

MSW Distance Education Site Faculty

W. Aureala, MSSW, PhD (West Hawai‘i)—domestic violence, sexual assault, gender/women’s issues, culture, race
N. Erony, MSW, MA (Maui)—mental health, college counseling
R. Rodriguez, MSW, PhD (Moloka‘i)—juvenile justice, family counseling, psychotherapy, suicide and crisis intervention
F. Ho‘okano, MSW (Hilo)—corrections, mental health, social work with Native Hawaiians
K. Keawe, MSW, LSW (Kaua‘i)

Adjunct Faculty

R. Beck, MSW
J. Bloom, MSW
J. Borgo, PhD
C. Brown, MSW
B. Evans, MSW
G. Fox, MSW
T. Glass, PhD
B. Grossman, PhD
A. Ka‘alakea, MSW
S. Kato, MSW
E. Kim, MS
K. Lee, MSW
E. Mersereau, MSW
S. Morse, MSW
P. Newlin, MSW, PhD
M. Oliphant, MSW
R. San Nicolas, MSW
J. Shon, PhD
P. Snyder, PhD
G. Stauffer, MSW
D. Tsipopoulos, MSW
L. Watkins-Victorino, PhD
I. White, JD
R. Whittington, DSW
Y. Yim, MSW

Emeritus Faculty

H. Gochros, MS, DSW
H. Jambor, MA, DSW
L. Lister, MSW, DSW
R.Takasaki, MPA