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Registration and Enrollment

Registration Procedures

Registration is open to those students officially admitted to UH Manoa by the appropriate admissions office and to students in good standing who are continuing in an approved program of study. Students who have graduated, withdrawn, or have not been continuously enrolled must complete the admission process before being permitted to register. New, transfer, and returning classified students who are admitted to UH Manoa are required to pay a nonrefundable, nontransferable tuition deposit to confirm their admitted status. Admitted students may be barred from registration until they have complied with all UH requirements, including but not limited to, medical clearances, the purchase of health insurance by nonimmigrant foreign students, and required English language placement testing. Students may also be barred from registering until they have cleared all academic or financial obligations.

Students are assigned specific appointment times in which to register. All registration activity is conducted by personal computer through the World Wide Web. The MyUH Portal website at myuh.hawaii.edu provides the UH community with secure, personalized access to enrollment services such as registration. Each student's registration time will be available through the MyUH Portal approximately two weeks before registration.

Information on registration procedures is contained in the Registration Guide (formerly Schedule of Classes) booklet, which includes registration dates and instructions. The Registration Guide is distributed by the Office of the Registrar and is available shortly before registration begins each fall and spring semester. The Registration Guide is also available online: www.hawaii.edu/myuh/manoa/. The listing of course offerings with up-to-date class location and meeting times is found at the Check Class Availability website: www.sis.hawaii.edu/uhdad/avail.classes?i=MAN.

Unclassified students and auditors register after classified students.


Auditors are regularly admitted students who enroll for informational instruction only, and attend classes with the consent of the instructor. Auditors receive no credit, and they do not take course examinations. The extent of their classroom participation is at the instructor's discretion. Auditors are not generally allowed in art studios, laboratory science, mathematics, elementary and intermediate Hawaiian and foreign languages, creative writing, English composition, physical education, speech and other performance courses, or in classes where they might displace credit students. Audit courses are entered on student transcripts with a grade of L and are subject to regular tuition and fee charges. Audit courses are not counted in determining a student's enrollment status.

Late Registration

Students who failed to register during the designated registration period may still register for credit during the first 10 calendar days of instruction (see the “Calendar”). There is a fee for late registration.

Maximum Registration

Undergraduate students who request enrollment in 20 or more credit hours of work in any semester must obtain special approval from their college student academic services office and process their changes during the Change of Registration period after instruction begins. Students may not register for courses in Outreach College, for credit or audit, in excess of the maximum registration allowed by the college or school in which they are enrolled unless given permission for an overload by the college or school.

Enrollment Status

For academic purposes, students may be classified as either part-time or full-time students. A full-time undergraduate carries a minimum of 12 credit hours. Undergraduate students carrying fewer than 12 credits are classified as part-time. Audited courses are not counted in determining the enrollment status of a student.

Change of College or Major

Classified students may apply for transfer from one college to another during the fall or the spring semester. Application for transfer must be made on a form supplied by the student academic services office of the college or school that the student wishes to enter. The application must be approved by the dean of that college or school. Deadlines for transfers within UH Manoa are determined by individual student academic services offices. Contact the college or school directly for deadlines. Students planning to transfer into professional schools should consult the dean's office for deadlines. Students wishing to enter the College of Education should follow the procedures specific to that college.

Changes of college, school, curriculum, or major are not permitted during registration periods.

Unclassified students who wish to become degree candidates must complete the regular application process.

Changes in Registration

All deadlines for adding courses, partial withdrawal, or complete withdrawal are subject to change. Refer to the current Registration Guide for applicable deadlines and procedures.

To Add a Course

Courses may be added during the first 10 calendar days of instruction.

To Drop a Course (Partial Withdrawal)

A course may be dropped through the sixth day of instruction without notation on the student's record. Thereafter, grades of W will be posted. The colleges and schools differ in their policies, but, in general, a course may be dropped from the seventh day of instruction up to Friday of the ninth week of instruction with the consent of the instructor and the approval of the student's college or school dean.

After the ninth week no withdrawals are permitted except for unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student. These withdrawals require the consent of the student's college or school dean, and consent may be given only after the dean consults the instructor.

If students do not officially complete the withdrawal procedure, an F or NC, as appropriate, may be awarded by the instructor in place of a passing grade.

Complete Withdrawal

Students occasionally find, for a wide variety of reasons, that they are unable to complete the semester and need to withdraw completely from the university. Students should note that once school starts, they have incurred a financial obligation to the university. Withdrawing completely from UH Manoa does not release the student from his or her financial obligations.

Prior to the first day of instruction, students can withdraw online. No course registration will appear on their records, and the students will incur no financial obligation for tuition and fees.

From the first to the sixth day of instruction, students withdrawing completely from UH Manoa will have a withdrawal action noted on their records. No courses will be listed for that semester.

From the seventh day through the ninth week of instruction, students withdrawing completely from UH Manoa will receive a W grade for each course on their record.

After the ninth week of instruction, students are not allowed to withdraw except in unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond their control. Withdrawing after the ninth week requires petitioning for approval from the student's college or school dean. Students who receive approval will receive a W grade for each course on their record.

To apply for a complete withdrawal, students should see the student academic services office of their college or school. Once the student receives approval to withdraw, the student must obtain all signatures as indicated on the forms and submit the completed forms to the UH Manoa Cashier's Office.

Complete withdrawal does not release the student from his or her financial obligations to the university. The refund schedule for withdrawal is noted in both the “Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid” section of this Catalog and in the Registration Guide.

When withdrawing, a continuing classified undergraduate student who has completed at least one semester at UH Manoa may choose to apply for a leave of absence. Leave of absence forms are available through the student academic services office of the student’s college or school and require approval by the college or school dean. Students who do not obtain a leave of absence must apply for readmission by submitting the UH System Application Form to the Office of Admissions and Records before the specified deadline and must be readmitted before they are able to register.

Retroactive Withdrawals

Retroactive withdrawals are partial or complete course withdrawals processed after the semester has ended. UH Manoa is obligated to insure the integrity of the transcript as an historical document, which must reflect the actual history of a student's experience at UH Manoa. Because of this, the student who is requesting a retroactive withdrawal will need to present a convincing case and provide relevant documentation that supports the existence of circumstances beyond their control that prevented them from initiating the withdrawal request in a timely manner. Any request submitted two or more years after the course ended will not be reviewed. Should a retroactive withdrawal be approved, the action will result in the grade being changed to a W. Tuition refunds will not be considered and any academic action applied for that semester will remain on the student's record.

If you were a financial aid recipient during the semester in which you are seeking a withdrawal, be sure to check with Financial Aid Services to determine if this will result in a financial obligation or will result in your future ineligibility for financial aid.