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Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB)

School of Medicine

CMB 351 Genetics, Evolution and Society (3) The role of genetics in evolution, medicine, behavior, plant and animal breeding and technology; its impact on today's society. Pre: one semester of biological science at college level or consent. (Cross-listed as BIOL 340) DB

CMB 411 Human Genetics (3) Principles of human genetics. Designed for pre-medical or pre-dental students or others who require a course with emphasis on human genetics. Pre: BIOL 172 and BIOL 172L, or consent. DB

CMB 499 Genetical Problems (V) Directed reading and research in genetics. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: 351 or 411.

CMB 500 Master's Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: master's Plan B or C candidate and consent.

CMB 515 Unit V Topics in Genetics (1) First-year elective course in which medical students may take an in-depth study of genetics. Repeatable six times. Pre: first-year medical student or consent.

CMB 599 Research Topics in Cell Molecular Biology (V) Research elective for medical students. MD majors only. CR/NC only. Pre: MDED 551 and consent.

CMB 606 Introduction to Neurosciences (4) An interdisciplinary overview of the central nervous system, drawn from current knowledge and research on vertebrate and invertebrate neurobiology. Repeatable one time. Pre: consent.

CMB 610 Public Health Biology (3) Writing-intensive asynchronous computer-based course examines biological processes and challenges relevant to the public health professional. Topics include anatomical, pathophysiological, and molecular bases of public health; genetics, immunology, ethics; disease prevention, control, and management. (Once a year) (Cross-listed as PH 610)

CMB 611 Seminar in Biomedical Sciences (1) Presentation and discussion of research topics in biomedical science. Repeatable nine times. CR/NC only. Pre: graduate standing or consent. (Cross-listed as REPR 611)

CMB 621 Cell Molecular Biology I (4) Molecular approaches to cell structure and function emphasizing cells in multi-cellular plants and animals. Pre: graduate standing, BIOC 441 or BIOL 402, MBBE 402, or PEPS 402, and BIOL 406; or consent. Recommended: CHEM 351.

CMB 622 Cell Molecular Biology II (4) Molecular approaches to cell structure and function emphasizing cells in multi-cellular plants and animals. Pre: one of 621, BIOC 441 or BIOL 402, MBBE 402, or PEPS 402, and BIOL 406; or consent.

CMB 625 Advanced Topics in Genetics (2) Advanced treatment of frontiers in genetics. Pre: graduate standing in genetics or consent.

CMB 626 Ethics in Biomedical Research (2) Topics include responsible data management, recording, reporting, misconduct and scientific fraud, conflicts of interest, critical use of animals and human issues and subjects in research, genetic screening, stem cell and gene therapy and patenting. (Cross-listed as BIOM 641)

CMB 631 Research Rotations (3) Individualized research project in three laboratories of CMB faculty with a written report on each project. Faculty laboratories will be selected by consultation with student's graduate committee and individual faculty. Pre: 621 (or concurrent), 622 (or concurrent); or consent.

CMB 640 Neuropharmacology (2) Physiology and pharmacology of central and peripheral nervous systems, focusing on synaptic chemistry and signaling. A-F only. Pre: 606, or consent from the course director. (Cross-listed as PHRM 640)

CMB 650 Population Genetics (3) Mathematical, observational, experimental results on effects of mutation, selection, and systems of mating on distribution of genes. Analysis of non-experimental populations. Pre: consent.

CMB 654 (Alpha) Genetics Seminar (1) Research and topical literature reports in genetics. May be repeated. (B) molecular genetics; (C) molecular biology of cancer; (D) human genetics; (E) cytogenetics; (F) evolutionary genetics; (G) molecular biology of the cell; (H) drosophila genetics; (I) population/statistical genetics; (J) developmental genetics; (K) insect molecular biology; (M) genetics and molecular biology of fungi. Pre: graduate standing in genetics or consent.

CMB 671 (Alpha) Techniques in Genetics (V) Laboratory training in procedures used in diagnosis of genetic diseases, cytogenetics, immunogenetics, and dermatoglyphics. Repeatable three times. Pre: graduate standing in genetics or consent.

CMB 699 Directed Research (V) Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: graduate standing and consent.

CMB 700 Thesis Research (V) Research for master's thesis. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: acceptance of thesis topic.

CMB 705 Special Topics in Neurosciences (V) Advanced topics in neuroscience, from basic neurobiology to clinical neurology and psychiatry. Emphasis on current investigations at the cellular or molecular level. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.

CMB 800 Dissertation Research (V) Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: acceptance of dissertation topic.