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Interpretation and Translation Studies

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature
Center for Interpretation and Translation Studies
TP 104 (Temporary Portable)
1859 East-West Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-6233
Fax: (808) 956-2078
Email: cits@hawaii.edu
Web: cits.hawaii.edu


J. Y. Lu-Chen, PhD, Certificate in I and T—translation and technology, translation pedagogy
S. Zeng, PhD, Certificate in I and T—translation and interpretation theory, consecutive and simultaneous ­interpretation, community and court interpretation, community and court interpretation, Mandarin

The Academic Program

Translation and Interpretation (TI) is the study of appropriateness in interlingual and cross-cultural communication. Translation students focus on written work. They acquire basic knowledge of computer-assisted tools and programs that facilitate translation, as well as an understanding of analytical and research techniques needed for translating written texts. Interpretation students focus on oral work. They learn the techniques needed to facilitate interpersonal, interlingual oral communication. Both fields of study emphasize sociolinguistic and communication skills and techniques needed to facilitate cultural, scientific, and technical exchanges in cross-cultural and multinational settings.

The Center for Interpretation and Translation Studies was established at UH Manoa within the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature in 1988. The center's primary goal is to provide, through theoretically based academic programs, basic training in interpretation and nonfiction translation. Additional objectives of the center include developing of an interdisciplinary research program and serving the community as a clearinghouse for information on professional resources and practices. It also aims to provide the community at large with a broad range of educational opportunities by sponsoring lectures, seminars, and workshops. For the latest information, please visit the center's webpage at cits.hawaii.edu.

The center's training focuses on the three major Asian languages, as well as Pacific Island languages. Our introductory courses are open to any language speaker; however, certification is offered in limited languages. A bachelor's degree is available through Interdisciplinary Studies.

TI Courses