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Public Policy Center

College of Social Sciences
Saunders Hall 723
2424 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-4237
Fax: (808) 956-0950
E-mail: dcsakai@hawaii.edu
Web: www.publicpolicycenter.hawaii.edu


*Graduate Faculty

*S. Chandler, PhD (Director)—policy analysis, child welfare, collaborative management
S. Moriwaki, PhD (Associate Director)—energy policy, sustainability, community development
*M. Johansen, PhD—non-profit research and management, educational policy, public policy
*D. Nixon, PhD—policy analysis, sustainability, aging

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

The Public Policy Center has 68 affiliate faculty representing all of the departments within the College of Social Sciences. See our website for their names and contact information, as well as their fields of interest, research, and areas of teaching.

Degree and Certificate Offered: Graduate Certificate in Public Policy

The Academic Program

The mission of the Public Policy Center is to enhance the quality of community life throughout Hawai'i, the U.S., and the Asia-Pacific region. This mission is achieved through an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, research, service, and application. The center provides opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and gain experience in public policy. It's premise is that public policy analyses are critical to sound public policy decision-making and that teaching and scholarly work are intertwined and should be continually linked to the community beneficiaries. Public policy is a discipline that seeks to solve public problems through the design, analysis, and advocacy of well thought out, evidence-based research. In all levels of government and globally, public needs and limited resources require policy choices that are economically efficient, socially and technically effective, politically and administratively responsive. Such choices exist across a broad range of critical issues, including health, education, the environment, energy, economic development, social welfare policy, and community resilience. Students with experience and knowledge about public policy offer their community essential and meaningful skills and tools needed to analyze, design, and evaluate public policy choices. Students trained with these skills are attractive to employers in the public, nonprofit, and business sectors.

The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy

The center offers a 16-credit certificate that allows students to enhance their policy and analytic skills and focus on a substantive policy issue. Students can select courses from a wide range of fields in addition to those offered by the Public Policy Center, including: political science, economics, public administration, urban and regional planning, peace studies and conflict resolution. There is a 2-credit internship requirement and a 2- credit final integration seminar. Students are permitted great flexibility in designing their own program.

Related Courses

  • PPC 301 Governing, Politics, and Public Policy (3)
  • PPC 330 Survey of Public Policy and Analysis (3)*
  • PPC 601 Public Policy Internship (2)
  • PPC 602 Public Policy Seminar (2)
  • PPC 695 Topics in Public Policy (3)*
    (1) Introduction to Public Policy and Analysis*
  • POLS 670 Introduction to Public Policy (3)
  • PUBA 662 Applied Policy Analysis (3)
  • PLAN 603 Economic Analysis for Urban Planning and Policy (3)
    *Taught on-line in the summer session

For more information

Please visit our website at www.publicpolicycenter.hawaii.edu or call Susan Chandler at (808) 956-4237 or email her at chandler@hawaii.edu.

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