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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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College of Engineering

General Information

An engineering degree provides an excellent background for seeking solutions to many of the problems in the development and management of technology related to urban demands, the enhancement of our living environment, and the effective utilization of our nonrenewable resources. Engineering curricula include both general and theoretical course work designed to enable graduates to meet the challenges of a technology-oriented society. In addition to classic disciplines of engineering, students may also delve into the fundamentals of sustainability, nanotechnology, microscopic simulation, and other state-of-the-art subjects. College curricula encourage the independent study of novel engineering processes. Particular emphasis is placed on problems related to energy and the preservation and enhancement of the environment.

Engineering has been a major program of study at this institution since its founding in 1907. UH Manoa has granted more than 6,500 engineering degrees, and many of the professional engineers practicing in industry, consulting firms, and governmental agencies throughout the state are graduates of UH Manoa.


The undergraduate curricula in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.

Degrees and Certificates

Bachelor's Degrees: BS in civil engineering, BS in computer engineering, BS in electrical engineering, BS in mechanical engineering

Master's Degrees: MS in civil engineering, MS in electrical engineering, MS in mechanical engineering

Doctoral Degrees: PhD in civil engineering, PhD in electrical engineering, PhD in mechanical engineering

For information on programs in biological engineering, refer to the “College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources" section of the Catalog. For information on programs in ocean and resources engineering, please refer to the "School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology" section of the Catalog.


Student Services
Holmes 250
2540 Dole Street
Honolulu, HI 96822

Tel: (808) 956-8404

All students in the College of Engineering must receive approval of their program of courses from their advisors prior to registration each semester.

Updated curriculum check sheets summarizing all of the requirements for each undergraduate curriculum are available online at: www.eng.hawaii.edu/current-students/undergraduate-students/curricula-check-sheets/check-sheets.

Undergraduate engineering students who are well-qualified academically are encouraged to participate in the UH Manoa Honors Programs (see the “Special Programs” section within the Colleges of Arts and Sciences).

New Students

An orientation session for new students is held each semester before classes begin. Incoming students receive approval of their program of courses at that time. In addition, incoming students with waived course work (e.g., advanced placement examination) must still fulfill credit hour requirements and should contact the College's Student Academic Services Office in Holmes 250 for more information.