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Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program

Public Health Sciences


Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work


Gartley Hall 203
2430 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-7182
Fax: (808) 956-5964
Email: sswadmit@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/sswork

Dean: Noreen Mokuau

General Information

The Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work is comprised of the Department of Social Work, the Center on Aging, and the Office of Public Health Studies.


Achieving social justice and health equity for the people of Hawai‘i and citizens in a changing world.


*Graduate Faculty

*N. Mokuau, MSW, DSW—Dean, Asian/Pacific Islander health issues
*E. Aparicio, MSW, PhD—Chair of Child and Family concentration, teenage pregnancy and parenting, health disparities/inequities, mental health, child maltreatment, early childhood intervention, racial equity
R. Arndt, MSW—distance education, teen pregnancy and parenting, mental health, early childhood intervention, child maltreatment
K. Bennett, MSW, JD—child welfare policy and law
*K. Braun, MPH, DrPH—social behavioral health sciences, gerontology
G. Breakey, MPH
*C. Browne, MSW, DrPH—Chair of Gerontology concentration, women’s issues, health care, gerontology, qualitative research
*M. DeMattos, MSW—Chair of BSW program, youth and families, substance abuse, training
*M. Godinet, MSW, PhD—Department Chair and Chair of MSW Program, delinquency prevention, social and adjustment issues of Pacific Islander youth, multi and cross-cultural issues
*J. Guo, MSW, PhD—Chair of Doctoral Program, social welfare policy, child and family issues, international and comparative social welfare
*S. Hong, PhD—neighborhood contexts, immigration, mental health, community-based practice and research methodology
*L. Ka‘opua, MSW, PhD—Chair of Health concentration, mental health, and health disparities
*B. J. Kim, MSW, PhD—gerontology, mental health and quality of life among older Asian immigrants
J. Kishida, MEd—PhD and MSW program specialist
T. Kreif, MSW— Assistant to the Dean
R. Matayoshi, MSW—Practicum Coordinator, volunteerism, volunteer management, peace, leadership, interdisciplinary education
S. Nakaoka, MA, MSW, PhD—critical race theory and community development, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, social justice and social work practice
M. Ono, MSW—Director of Student Services, mental health, substance abuse recovery, cross-cultural practice
L. Paglinawan, MSW—indigenous issues
P. Paul, MSW—child and adolescent mental health
*R. Stotzer, MSW, PhD—Director of Distance Education, prejudice, stereotypes and hate crimes
J. Sur, MSW—child welfare, disability studies, substance abuse, social work in educational settings
A Sutherlin, MSW—power-based personal violence, child welfare, oppressed and differently-abled populations
C. Tarutani, MSW—children and families, substance abuse, forensic social work

Emeritus Faculty

P. Adams, MA, MSW, DSW
L. Lister, MSW, DSW

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