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UH Manoa Core Requirements

Foundations Requirements

Diversification Requirements

UH Manoa Graduation Requirements

Focus Requirements

Hawaiian or Second Language (HSL)

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UH Manoa Core Requirements

2. Diversification Requirement: 19 credits

The Diversification requirements are intended to assure that every student has exposure to different domains of academic knowledge, while at the same time allowing flexibility in choice of courses for students with different goals and interests.

Students can complete the Diversification requirements over the full four years of their academic program. Students may satisfy the Diversification requirements by taking approved courses for which they meet course prerequisites. Some courses that satisfy Diversification requirements may also simultaneously satisfy Focus and/or major requirements. (See the "Can a single course satisfy more than one requirement?" table.

Can a single course satisfy more than one requirement?

Requirements Hawaiian/Second
Foundations Diversification Focus Major Minor/Certificate
Hawaiian/Second Language --- no no YES no no
Foundations no --- no no YES no
Diversification no no --- YES YES no
Focus YES no YES --- YES YES
Major no YES YES YES --- no
Minor/Certificate no no no YES no ---
  • Arts, Humanities, and Literatures (DA, DH, DL): 6 credits

To satisfy this requirement, students must take six credits; the six credits must include two of the three different areas: Arts “DA,” Humanities “DH,” and Literatures “DL.”

  • Natural Sciences (DB, DP, DY): 7 credits

To satisfy this requirement, students must take three credits in Biological Science “DB,” three credits in Physical Science “DP,” and one credit of Science Laboratory “DY.”

  • Social Sciences (DS): 6 credits

To satisfy this requirement, students must take a total of six credits from two different departments.

Diversification Courses

Diversification courses are identified in this Catalog with the following letters after the course description:
DA = Arts
DB = Biological Science
DH = Humanities
DL = Literatures
DP = Physical Science
DS = Social Science
DY = Laboratory (science)