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Education (EDUC)

College of Education

EDUC 615 Action Research in Education (3) Theory and practice in collaborative action research; critical inquiry into current educational work in schools with goals of improvement of teaching and participation in school and curriculum reform.

EDUC 616 Prevention of School Violence (3) Examines cultural and societal factors contributing to and extent of violence in schools, and outlines schoolwide education for social and emotional literacy, conflict resolution, peer mediation, and appreciation of diversity for peaceable and inclusive schools and communities. A-F only. (Summer only)

EDUC 617 HIV, STD, and Pregnancy Prevention (3) Development of effective school-based HIV, STD, and unintended pregnancy prevention strategies, based on curriculum evaluation research and participant and student inquiries. Emphasis on serving as classroom models and mentors for other educators. A-F only. (Summer only)

EDUC 710 Professional Doctorate Practicum: Consultancy Project (6) Practicum in the EdD program in professional practice; involves a group consultancy project requiring independent research and reflective activity embedded in a group project dealing with a problem of practice. Repeatable two time. Restricted to students in the Doctoral Degree in Professional Educational Practice. A-F only. Pre: other approval.

EDUC 720 Professional Doctorate Practicum: Individual Applied Research Project (6) Practicum in conducting individual practitioner research within the EdD. Includes the formulation of individual applied research project, developing a plan of action, selection of appropriate methods, implementation of plan and composition of practitioner research report. Repeatable three times. Restricted to students in the Doctoral Degree in Professional Educational Practice. A-F only.

EDUC 730 EdD Conference (1) Capstone for the Doctoral Degree in Professional Education Practice. Involves a conference presentation of research project results to an audience of faculty, fellow graduate students, and interested members of the public. Restricted to students in the Doctoral Degree in Professional Educational Practice. CR/NC only. Pre: other approval.

EDUC 740 Field Project (V) Practicum experience in area of specialization. Variable credit: minimum of 3 credit hours, maximum of 6 credit hours. Repeatable two times. A-F only. Pre: consent.

EDUC 799 Internship in College Teaching (V) Introduction to college-level teaching; doctoral students serve as apprentices to professors; responsibilities include supervised teaching, planning and evaluation. Repeatable up to six credits. CR/NC only. Pre: admission to PhD candidacy and consent.

EDUC 800 Dissertation Research (V) Research for doctoral dissertation.