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English Language Institute (ELI)

College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

Initial placement in ELI courses is by examination only. A grade of CR (credit) is prerequisite to promotion or exemption. Normal course sequence is 70, 80; 72, 82; 73, 83 or ELI 100.

ELI 070 Intermediate Academic Listening and Speaking (0) Introduction to the academic English-language listening/speaking demands required at the university. Instruction and practice of effective note-taking skills, listening strategies, delivery of presentations, and participation in academic discussions. Designed as a bridge to ELI 080.

ELI 072 Intermediate Academic Reading (0) Instruction to the academic English-language reading demands required at the university. Instruction and practice of effective means to understand text patterns, increase reading fluency and comprehension, and develop vocabulary. Designed as a bridge to ELI 082.

ELI 073 Intermediate Academic Writing (0) Extensive practice in expository writing. Analysis and use of rhetorical devices. Individual conferences and tutoring as required.

ELI 080 Advanced Academic Listening and Speaking (0) Further development of the academic English-language listening/speaking skills and strategies required at the university. Instruction and practice of effective note-taking skills, critical listening strategies, delivery of effective academic presentations and leading of academic discussions. Pre: 070 or placement by examination.

ELI 082 Advanced Academic Reading (0) Further development of skills and strategies for dealing with the high demands of academic reading by focusing on becoming efficient and autonomous readers. Instruction and practice of developing critical reading strategies and building field-specific vocabulary. Pre: 072 or placement by examination.

ELI 083 Advanced Academic Writing for Graduate Students (0) Introduction to academic writing conventions common at the graduate level. Students explore academic writing in their disciplines, develop clarity of written expression, and improve command over textual, rhetorical, and discursive conventions common in academic writing. Pre: 073 or placement by examination.

ELI 111 Practicum for International Teaching Assistants (3) Extensive practice for international teaching assistants in speaking in classroom situations with emphasis on oral skills, American cultural expectations and classroom management. CR/NC only. Pre: 080.