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Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB)

College of Natural Sciences

MCB 314 Research Ethics (1) Introduction to the ethical issues faced by individuals and institutions involved in scientific research. Based on case studies, students will discuss and write about ethical issues in research. Issues include humans and animals in research, mentoring, authorship, ownership of data, genetic technologies and record keeping. This course is designed for students with majors in the natural sciences. A-F only. Pre: BIOL 172 (or concurrent), or MATH 321 (or concurrent), or PHYS 170 (or concurrent), or CHEM 272 (or concurrent); or consent. (Cross-listed as MICR 314) DS

MCB 407 Molecular Cell Biology I (3) Relationship between structure and function at macromolecular level. Pre: C (not C-) or better in BIOL 275/275L and CHEM 273, or consent. (Cross-listed as BIOL 407) DB

MCB 408 Molecular Cellular Biology II (3) Cell structure and function. Structure, chemistry, and functions of organelles and macromolecules. Pre: C (not C-) or better in 407; or consent. (Cross-listed as BIOL 408 and MBBE 408) DB

MCB 408L Advanced Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory (2) (2 3-hr Lab) A laboratory to accompany 407 and 408. Pre: BIOL 407 (or concurrent) or BIOL 408 (or concurrent). (Cross-listed as BIOL 408L) DY

MCB 461 Immunology (3) Structure and biological actions of antigens and antibodies; fundamentals of antibody synthesis; the relation of immunology to biology and medical sciences. Pre: MICR 351 or BIOL 171; or consent. Recommended: BIOL 275/275L. (Cross-listed as MICR 461) DB

MCB 461L Immunology Lab (2) (2 3-hr Lab) Basic exercises and experiments in immunology, immunochemistry, immuno-biology to illustrate principles of 461. Co-requisite: 461 or consent. (Cross-listed as MICR 461L) DY

MCB 472 The Biology of Cancer (3) Integrative, in-depth focus on the genetics, cell biology, and molecular basis of cancer. Combination of classroom lectures and problem-based discussions in small groups. Addresses ethical implications of cancer research and treatment. A-F only. MCB or BIOL majors only. Senior standing or higher. Pre: BIOL 407 (or concurrent) and BIOL 408 (or concurrent) or consent. (Spring only) (Cross-listed as BIOL 472)

MCB 475 Bacterial Genetics (3) Genetic analysis and molecular basis of transmission replication, mutation, and expression of heritable characteristics in prokaryotes. Pre: MICR 351 or BIOL 275, or consent. (Cross-listed as MICR 475) DB

MCB 475L Bacterial Genetics Lab (2) (2 3-hr Lab) Techniques for study of transfer and expression of prokaryotic genes: transformation, conjugation, transposon mutagenesis, preparation and analysis of plasmid and chromosomal DNA. Pre: 475 (or concurrent). (Cross-listed as MICR 475L) DY