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Social Sciences (SOCS)

College of Social Sciences

Two kinds of courses are available directly from the College of Social Sciences: interdisciplinary courses and courses on tools, techniques, theories, and methods shared by the social science disciplines. The broader perspective and opportunity for cross-disciplinary interaction make these courses attractive.

SOCS 150 Street Science: Evaluating and Applying Evidence in Daily Life (3) Develops necessary tools for effective reasoning and problem-solving through use and application of analytic techniques, including question formation, understanding/interpreting data presented in the public sphere, and evaluating the validity of sources. A-F only.

SOCS 180 Introduction to International and Global Studies (3) Introduces undergraduate students to the major political, social, economic, cultural, technological, and historical dimensions of globalization. Special attention will be paid to globalization process that have impacted Hawai'i and the Asia-Pacific region. A-F only. FGB

SOCS 225 Statistical Analysis for Social Sciences (3) Statistical reasoning in the analysis of social science data, including descriptive statistics, exploratory data analysis, inference measures of association, decomposition of variance, and regression analysis. Lab required. Pre: any 100 level social science course or consent. DS

SOCS 250 Social Science Enquiry (3) Survey of enquiry methods in social sciences with an emphasis on the development of skills of enquiry, including critical thinking, evidence gathering and evaluation, reasoning, and argumentation. Pre: any 100-level social science course or consent. DS

SOCS 385 Service Learning (1) Intended for students undertaking the service learning option in another course in the College of Social Sciences. Discussions on student's experiences, types of learning occurring, and issues encountered in service learning activities in the community. Repeatable two times. CR/NC only.

SOCS 601 Topics in Teaching Innovations (3) Examination and critical analysis of contemporary curriculum and instruction issues in social sciences. Concepts, theories, principles underlying active learning, critical thinking, values inquiry, assessment, and multidisciplinary approaches to integration of knowledge.

SOCS 735 Ocean Policy Seminar (2) Interdisciplinary approach to problems relating to humans and their interactions with the world's oceans and coasts. Theme changes each semester. Repeatable eight times. (Cross-listed as OEST 735)