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Travel Industry Management (TIM)

School of Travel Industry Management

Students should check with the department for grade requirements for prerequisites.

TIM 099 International Exchange Programs (V) UH Mânoa School of Travel Industry Management majors participating in approved international exchange programs. CR/NC only.

TIM 100 Internship I (2) Introduction to travel industry. Discussion of job search strategies, TIM internship requirements, career and academic planning. CR/NC only.

TIM 101 Introduction to Travel Industry Management (3) Overview of travel industry and related major business components. Analysis of links between hotel, food, transportation, recreation, and other industries comprising tourism.

TIM 102 Food and World Cultures (3) An integrated cross-cultural approach to the study of foods and cultures. Examine history, concepts, principles of cultures and cuisines, the background of food tradition including habitat, social status, religious beliefs, gender, and other environmental considerations. A-F only. FGB

TIM 200 Internship II (2) A minimum of four hundred hours of travel industry experience. Comprehensive report by student and performance evaluation from employer required. CR/NC only. Pre: TIM major, 100, and 101.

TIM 300 Internship III (2) A minimum of four hundred hours of travel industry experience. Position must be different from TIM 200 position and of a more responsible nature or in a different organization. Comprehensive report by student and performance evaluation from employer required. CR/NC only. Pre: TIM major and 200.

TIM 301 Legal Environment of the Travel Industry (3) Origin, development, and principles of common, statutory, constitutional, international, and maritime law relating to hospitality industry. TIM majors only. Pre: 101. Recommended: BLAW 200.

TIM 302 Information Systems Technology (3) Computer applications in the travel industry; operation and evaluation of specific travel industry systems and applied business systems. TIM majors only. Pre: 101 and ICS 101.

TIM 303 Management of Service Enterprises (3) Principles and philosophies of management with special emphasis on those principles and theories that are most relevant to management in service-based industries. Students may not earn credit for 303 and BUS 315. TIM majors only. Pre: 101 or consent.

TIM 304 Principles of Travel Industry Marketing (3) Concepts, problems, processes of marketing within the travel industry; development of marketing strategies including product, place, promotion, and price for travel institutions. Students may not earn credit for 304 and BUS 312. TIM majors only. Pre: 101.

TIM 305 Financial Management for the Travel Industry (3) Cash flow determination and management strategies for financing hospitality ventures and expansion. Determining the financial viability of proposed and existing operations through traditional and state-of-the-art techniques. TIM majors only. Pre: 101 and ACC 202; and NREM 203, MATH 203, MATH 215, MATH 241, or BUS 250.

TIM 306 Human Resource Management: Travel Industry (3) Human resources as a strategic asset in the travel industry; contemporary theories, issues, and developments in the field; practical training in oral communication to enhance employee recruitment, retention, and productivity. TIM majors only. Pre: 101 and (COMG 151 or COMG 251).

TIM 310 Institutional Purchasing (3) Procurement responsibilities in hospitality management. Emphasis on institutions supplying hospitality operations and legislation which controls standards of industrial supplies and goods. TIM and FSHN majors only. Pre: 101.

TIM 311 Club Management (3) Introduction to club and institutional management, including operations, services, and facilities. TIM majors only. A-F only. Pre: 101.

TIM 313 Foodservice Management (3) Critical and essential aspects of managing foodservice operations including principles of food safety and sanitation, procedural knowledge in front and back of the house and guest relations. TIM majors only. A-F only. Pre: 101 and 303.

TIM 314 Hotel Management (3) Comprehensive understanding of hotel management and functional departments including front office, accounting, housekeeping, food and beverage, marketing, security and safety. Simulation of management trainee programs by hotel chains. Synthesis of concepts, tools and theories of decision-making relevant to hotel operations. TIM majors only. A-F only. Pre: 101, 302, and 303 (with a minimum grade of C- in 302 and 303).

TIM 315 Quality Food Management (3) Explore various aspects of the quality in foodservice operations and develop strategies to measure and improve the quality. A-F only. Pre: 101 and departmental approval.

TIM 316 Events Planning and Marketing (3) Introduction to special event planning processes and techniques. Emphasis on designing, planning, marketing, management, staging events, legal compliances, risk management, financial control, and successful event evaluation. TIM majors only. A-F only. Pre: 313 and junior standing.

TIM 319 Quantity Foods and Institutional Purchasing (4) (3 Lec, 1 3-hr Lab) Quantity food and beverage operations, menu development and costing, dietary menu claims, purchasing procedures, inventory control, procurement, transportation, legislation. Institutional foodservice sanitation, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and National Restaurant Association Certification. TIM majors only. Pre: FSHN 181 and FSHN 181L, 315 or consent.

TIM 320 Introduction to Tourism Economics (3) Examines tourism from an economic perspective. Topics include: the determinants of consumer demand for leisure travel, structure of competition among suppliers of tourism services, benefits and costs of tourism development to the host community, government’s role in the taxation, subsidy, regulation and protection of the tourism industry, tourism’s impact on the environment, and sustainable tourism development. TIM majors only. Pre: ECON 120 or 130 or 131; or consent. (Cross-listed as ECON 320) DS

TIM 321 Sociocultural Issues in Tourism (3) Issues arising from the impacts of tourism on societies and cultures. Class discussions of the ethical dimensions of such impacts. Includes an emphasis on writing instruction. TIM majors only. Pre: 101. DS

TIM 324 Geography of Global Tourism (3) Tourist landscape in relation to resources, spatial patterns of supply and demand, impacts of tourism development, and models of tourist space. Flows between major world regions. TIM majors only. Pre: sophomore standing or higher, or consent. (Cross-listed as GEOG 324) DS

TIM 327 Travel Distribution Management (3) History, development, operations, and management of travel distribution organizations including: travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers, specialty channelers, meeting planners, incentive houses, travel associations, and other destination management organizations. Evolution and economics of the distribution of travel products through destination databases and electronic commerce. TIM majors only. Pre: 302.

TIM 333 Hotel/Resort Facilities and Design (3) Comprehensive understanding of facilities management and design including maintenance systems, sustainable development options and design and environmental management. TIM majors only. A-F only. Pre: 313 and 314.

TIM 334 Hotel and Convention Sales (3) Functions, methods, and problems of hotel, convention, and restaurant sales. Needs of different classifications of properties; market segmentation and the sale of services vs. products. TIM majors only. A-F only. Pre: 101. Recommended: 304.

TIM 350 Introduction to Tourism Transportation (3) Introduction to managerial and operational issues related to all modes of transportation used by tourists into or within a tourist destination. Passenger behavior; transport infrastructure; transport networks; regulation; sustainable transport. TIM majors only. Pre: 101.

TIM 351 Principles of Logistics (3) Management of logistics systems: inventory control, warehousing, materials management, physical distribution, transportation. Emphasis on Hawai‘i’s location and unique problems. TIM majors only. Pre: 101.

TIM 353 Air Transportation Management (3) Marketing, management and strategies used by airlines, airports, catering, and aircraft manufacturers. TIM majors only. Pre: 101.

TIM 354 Surface Transportation Management (3) Management of surface transportation such as cars, buses, and intercity rail, etc. Includes marketing, ownership and financing, supply chain, operations, regulation and promotion, human resources. TIM majors only. Pre: 101.

TIM 365 Economics in Travel Industry (3) Microeconomic theory of consumer behavior and demand production cost analysis, market structure and pricing in travel companies. Economic impact of tourism. Students may not earn credit for 365 and BUS 313. TIM majors only. Pre: either ECON 120 or ECON 130.

TIM 368 TIM Study Abroad (V) Study abroad instructional experience emphasizing international travel, tourism and hospitality-related topics at equivalent, accredited programs. Content varies depending on locus of instruction and instructor. Course qualifies as either a TIM or general elective with pre-approval or department. Repeatable unlimited times. TIM majors only. Pre: consent.

TIM 369 (Alpha) Current Topics in Travel Industry Management (V) (B) resort development; (C) assets management; (D) transportation and public policy; (E) management by cultural values; (F) travel industry management; (G) hospitality management; (H) hotel management; (I) restaurant entrepreneurship; (J) tourism management; (K) recreation management; (M) leisure management; (N) transportation management; (O) travel industry management education; (P) travel industry management technology; (Q) meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibition management. Repeatable five times with consent. TIM majors only for (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), (H), (I), (J), (K), (M), (N).

TIM 399 Directed Reading and Research (V) Reading and research into problems in hotel, restaurant, transportation or tourism sectors of the travel industry. Pre: junior standing or above, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and consent of dean’s office and instructor based upon student’s written proposal of content and objectives of course program. TIM majors only.

TIM 400 (Alpha) Internship IV (2) Requires a minimum of 150 hours of internship, a business presentation, and an analytical report synthesizing experience and related theories. A significant portion of class time is dedicated to writing instruction, which will enhance and improve students’ writing skills. (B) executive internship; (C) community service internship. Restricted to majors. CR/NC only. Pre: 200 and consent.

TIM 401 Resort Development and Management (3) Principles of resort development and management. Essential aspects of developing, financing, marketing and managing resorts. A-F only. Pre: 314. Recommended: 305.

TIM 402 Resort Mixed Use Development (3) Critical and essential aspects of developing and managing resort mixed use facilities. Includes multidimensional and dynamic interrelationships of site development and facilities, business mix, management structures and systems, and industry practices. A-F only. Pre: 313 or 369; and 314. Recommended: 333 and 401. (Fall only)

TIM 403 Revenue Management in Travel Industry (3) Application of revenue management theory, principles, concepts, tools, techniques, practices, and analysis to travel industry management. Focus will be on cost controls, pricing, inventory control, forecasting, financial analysis, and economic analysis. TIM majors only. Pre: 101, ACC 202, and ECON 130.

TIM 415 Nature-Based Tourism Management (3) Principles of nature-based tourism, including a survey of impacts, objectives, planning, and management systems. Junior standing or higher. Pre: 101 or 324/GEOG 324. (Cross-listed as GEOG 415 and SUST 415) DS

TIM 420 Sustainable Tourism Policies and Practices (3) Seminar examining the social, environmental, economic factors of sustainable tourism development. Emphasis on methods and processes and the role of stakeholders (government, industry, host community, tourists). Group projects. A-F only. Pre: 101 and departmental approval. (Cross-listed as SUST 421)

TIM 425 Destination Development and Marketing (3) Analysis of key factors in the marketing and management of tourism destinations, including destination branding, product development, integrated marketing, stakeholder relations, and the role of destination marketing/marketing organizations. Emphasis on written communication. Pre: 101.

TIM 431 Strategic Management for the Travel/Hospitality Industry (3) Strategic management in the travel/hospitality industry. Case study analysis, discussion and written reports, covering strategies, management problems and industry issues. Emphasis on writing instruction. A-F only. Pre: 301, 302, 303, 304, 305 and graduating senior.

TIM 442 Advanced Topics in Transportation (3) Advanced level of discussion in terms of transportation, including management, economics, strategy, regulation, operating performance, fleet management, and network management. Pre: 101. Recommended: 350 and/or 353.

TIM 462 Principles of Environmental Management Systems (3) Introduction to the process of developing Environmental Management Systems that address the principles outlined in ISO14001:2015. Repeatable one time. Junior standing or higher. A-F only. (Spring only) (Cross-listed as OCN 442 and PLAN 442)

TIM 469 (Alpha) Advanced Topics in Travel Industry Management (V) (B) tourism planning; (C) advanced travel industry management; (D) advanced hospitality management; (E) advanced hotel management; (F) advanced restaurant management; (G) advanced tourism management; (H) advanced recreation management; (I) advanced leisure management; (J) advanced transportation management; (K) advanced travel industry management education; (M) advanced travel industry management technology; (N) advanced meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibition management; (O) advanced food and beverage management; (P) leadership and advanced human resources; (Q) advanced assets management. Repeatable five times with consent for (B), (C), (D), (E), (F), (G), (H), (I), (J), (K), (M), (N); repeatable six times for (O), (P), and (Q). TIM majors only. A-F only for (O), (P), and (Q).

TIM 500 Master’s Plan B/C Studies (1) Enrollment for degree completion. Pre: master’s Plan B or C candidate with consent.

TIM 601 Research Applications in Travel Industry Management (3) Analysis of methodologies appropriate for research in travel industry management. Survey of the literature of applied techniques and approaches including exploratory approaches. Familiarization with research design and implementation of development of research proposals. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TIM 602 Strategic Travel Marketing (3) In-depth study of marketing principles and problems related to travel industry organizations. Emphasis on strategic marketing. Research applications, international and domestic marketing of travel industry services. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TIM 603 Information Technology, E-Commerce, and Travel Industry (3) Planning, implementation, management, evaluation, and impact of information and electronic communication technologies, including e-commerce applications in the travel industry. Analysis of new information technology use as an area of research and strategic application. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TIM 604 Managerial Accounting for Travel Industry (3) Advanced study of management accounting within travel industry: responsibility accounting, pricing decisions, concepts and application of central systems, financial planning, price level impacts, performance evaluation. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TIM 605 Hospitality Management (3) Advanced human relations and operating issues; use of accounting, behavioral, financial, marketing, and informational systems in managing hospitality organizations. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TIM 606 Transportation Economics and Management (3) Advanced study analysis of economics and management of passenger transportation systems serving the travel industry. Emphasis on topics such as government policy, transport economics, marketing and management, and the relationships between transportation systems and tourism development. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TIM 607 Global Tourism Analysis (3) International trade theory and regional analysis methodologies applied to tourism and the service industry, including travel balance account, inter-regional transactions flow, economic impacts, environmental economics, demand theory and forecasting. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TIM 640 Financial Management for the Travel Industry (3) Applications of financial analysis to both the domestic and international travel industry. TIM majors only. A-F only. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

TIM 645 Tourism Field Studies (3) Integration of concepts and application of knowledge and skills from other courses to a selected field study project. Pre: any two 600-level TIM courses completed and a third concurrent; or consent.

TIM 694 Professional Paper (3) Independent project or paper under faculty supervision in lieu of Plan A, TIM 700 thesis. Requires proposal approved by supervisor and graduate chair prior to registration. A-F only. Pre: three 600-level TIM courses completed or consent.

TIM 695 Seminar: Travel Industry Management Policy (3) Integration of learning through analysis of policy issues, trends, and problems in the travel industry. A-F only. Pre: three 600-level TIM courses completed or consent.

TIM 699 Directed Reading (V) Independent study of approved, advanced reading with faculty supervision. Requires proposal prepared by student and approved by supervisor and graduate chair before registration. Repeatable one time.

TIM 700 Thesis Research (V) Independent supervised research. Formal and oral written presentation of research findings. Repeatable up to six credits.