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Graduate Education

Academic Policies

The following regulations and procedures governing admission to Graduate Education at UH Manoa are subject to change without prior notice. Prospective students should consult with the website for updated policies.

Although UH Manoa attempts to accommodate the course requests of students, course offerings may be limited by financial, space, and staffing considerations or may otherwise be unavailable. Nothing in this Catalog may be construed to promise or guarantee registration in any course or course of study (whether required or elective), nor may anything be construed to promise or guarantee the completion of an academic program within a specified length of time.

Student Responsibility

It is the responsibility of students to know and observe all regulations and procedures relating to the program they are pursuing, as well as those of UH Manoa and the Office of Graduate Education. In no case will a regulation be waived or an exception granted because students plead ignorance of or contend that they were not informed of the regulations or procedures. Questions on regulations and their interpretation pertaining to studies at the graduate level should be addressed to the Dean, Office of Graduate Education.

Students planning to graduate should familiarize themselves with the dates relating to application for graduation and other pertinent deadlines (see the “Calendar”). It is necessary to apply for graduation by the specified deadline in order to graduate in a particular term, whether or not the student plans to attend the commencement ceremonies.

Students must satisfy the degree requirements of the Catalog in force during the term for which they were admitted; or they may, with the consent of their advisors, meet graduation requirements by complying with the provisions of a later Catalog. Students readmitted to a degree program must meet degree requirements of the Catalog in force at the time of the later admission (or of a subsequent Catalog, as provided above). Aside from degree requirements, all students are subject to the regulations and policies stated in the Catalog currently in force. Exceptions to the regulations contained in the Catalog require the written approval of Graduate Education, unless otherwise stated in the Catalog.

Students admitted to Graduate Education are assumed to be mature adults and are expected to behave accordingly. All written work should observe high editorial standards, and high standards of academic honesty are expected. Though advisory services are provided to assist the student, the student alone is responsible for following the procedures and completing the steps required in the degree program. Requirements of Graduate Education, both procedural and substantive, may be waived only by written request of the student and/or committee concerned and must have written approval of Graduate Education. Petition forms are available in department offices, the Graduate Education Student Services Office, and online at

Academic Integrity

UH Manoa has adopted policies and procedures for dealing with academic (and research) misconduct by its students, faculty, and staff. The guidelines, which are available in department offices and in the Office of the Dean of Graduate Education, pertain to the intentional commission of any academic misconduct, including falsification of research results, improper assignment of authorship, plagiarism, deceptive manipulation of experiments or of research procedures, and misappropriation of research funds.

If a graduate student fails to maintain the standards of academic or professional integrity expected in his or her discipline or program, the student's admission to the program may be terminated. (See “Campus Policies” for further discussion of policy pertaining to academic honesty.)

Research with Human or Animal Subjects

Students intending to conduct research using human or animal subjects should be aware of federal, state, and UH Manoa regulations and review processes to ensure compliance with protective standards. These regulations cover research funded by non-UH Manoa sources, sponsored by UH Manoa, or conducted by or under the direction of any employee or agent of UH Manoa in connection with his or her institutional responsibilities or using any UH Manoa property or facility. These regulations also cover research involving the use of UH Manoa's non-public information to identify or contact research subjects.

Students and UH Manoa employees should refer to the “Campus Policies” section for more information on federal research guidelines and check with their respective graduate chairperson for guidance.

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