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Graduate Education Academic Policies


Regular Registration

Registration dates and instructions are given in the online Registration Guide at, which is available a few weeks before registration each semester. The listing of course offerings with up-to-date class location and meeting times is found at the Check Class Availability website:

Late Registration

Students may register for credit hours through the last day of registration. There is a fee for late registration.

The late registration period is also the final time for classified graduate students to register to audit graduate courses, in accordance with the procedures outlined unde“Course Auditing.”

Course Auditing

Classified graduate students may audit courses with the consent of the instructor. An audit approval form, available in the graduate program department office, must be completed and presented for registration. Audit courses are entered on student transcripts with a grade of L and are included in the tuition calculation. Audit courses may not be used for purposes of determining full-time or part-time enrollment status or graduate assistantship eligibility.

Course Changes

Refer to the Registration Guide for complete information regarding procedures for course changes.

Withdrawal from Courses

Refer to the Registration Guide for complete information regarding procedures for withdrawal from courses.

Complete Withdrawal

To withdraw from all courses prior to the beginning of classes, students should consult with the department and follow directions in the Registration Guide.

Continuing students who withdraw from all courses after classes begin must obtain a Complete Withdrawal Form from the Graduate Student Services Office, obtain the necessary signatures as indicated on the form, and turn in the completed form to the UH Manoa Cashier’s Office, Queen Lili‘uokalani Center for Student Services 105. A semester in which a cancellation or withdrawal is made is considered a semester of nonattendance. Thus, students must petition for readmission or file a renewal application, whichever is appropriate, to return to their studies in the same program. Petitions for readmission and renewal applications are considered along with all new applications for that semester. Students who are readmitted will be subject to the degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

Newly admitted students who cancel or withdraw from all courses before the drop period ends (see the Registration Guide for the date) are considered “no shows,” and their admission status becomes invalid. To return, they must reapply for admission. Newly admitted students who withdraw after the drop period (see the Registration Guide for the date) must complete a Petition for Readmission form if they wish to return the following semester. Petitions for readmission are considered along with all new applications for admission for that semester. Students who are readmitted will be subject to the degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission.

Automatic Withdrawal

Faculty will verify attendance of students registered in their courses by the end of the first week of each semester. Students who fail to attend class (“no show”) will be dropped from that class and will have their financial aid recalculated accordingly.

Retroactive Withdrawals

Retroactive withdrawals are partial or complete course withdrawals processed after the semester has ended. UH Manoa is obligated to ensure the integrity of the transcript as an historical document, which must reflect the actual history of a student's experience at UH Manoa. Because of this, the student who is requesting a retroactive withdrawal will need to present a convincing case and provide relevant documentation that supports the existence of circumstances beyond their control that prevented them from initiating the withdrawal request in a timely manner. Any request after two years of the course ending will not be reviewed. Should a retroactive withdrawal be approved, the action will result in the grade being changed to a W. Tuition refunds will not be considered and any academic action applied for that semester will remain on the student's record. Students who were financial aid recipients during the semester in which they are seeking a withdrawal should check with Financial Aid Services to determine if this will result in a financial obligation or will result in future ineligibility for financial aid.

Failure to Withdraw

If students cease to attend classes without officially withdrawing, they will receive final grades at the instructors' discretion. If the instructor does not award a grade, an F or NC will be assigned.

Denial of Registration

Graduate Education will deny further registration to any student whose course work is below the required level or who is not making satisfactory academic progress.

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