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Emeriti Faculty

Instructional Support, Research, and Service Units Staff



The online faculty listing has been arranged alphabetically. Please click on a letter to jump to the corresponding section:

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BABCOCK, Mary, Professor of Art; BA 1985, Cornell; BFA 1996, Oregon; MFA 2002, Arizona; PhD 1988, Pennsylvania

BABCOCK, Roger W., Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Associate Researcher in WRRC; BS 1987, UC Davis; MS 1989, Cal Poly; PhD 1991, UCLA

BACCHILEGA, Cristina, Professor of English; BA 1978, Rome (Italy); MA 1980, PhD 1983, SUNY-Binghamton; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1991

BACHINI, Robert C., Associate specialist and Director of Undergraduate Programs for Shidler College of Business; BA 1979, Chaminade U; MS 1987, Cal State Los Angeles; PhD 2011, Hawai‘i

BACLAYON, Keoki, Instructor in Hawaiian Studies; BA 2009, MA 2012, Hawai‘i

BAE, Christopher, Professor of Anthropology; BA 1994, Stony Brook; MA 1996, Arizona; PhD 2005, Rutgers; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 2012

BAEK, Kyungim, Associate Professor of Information and Computer Sciences; BS 1994, MS 1996, Sogang U (South Korea); PhD 2002, Colorado State

BAIK, Tae-Ung, Professor of Law; LL.B. 1990, Seoul National U; LL.M 2000, JSD 2009, Notre Dame

BAHNG, Youngjin, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Merchandising, CTAHR; BS 1997, MS 2008, Indiana State; PhD 2011, Virginia Tech

BAILEY-BROCK, Julie H., Professor of Biology and Zoology; BS 1964, PhD 1968, Swansea (UK); Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1992

BAIR-MUNDY, Donna G., Instructor in Library and Information Science; BA 1972, UC San Diego; MA 1988, MLIS 1996, PhD 2009, Hawai‘i

BAKER, Charlene K., Professor of Psychology; BS 1996, Michigan State; MA 1999, PhD 2002, Georgia State

BAKER, Christopher, Assistant Professor of Hawaiian; BA 1996, MA 1998, PhD 2012, Hawai‘i

BAKER, Margaret, Junior Researcher in Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, CTAHR; PhD 2015, Hawai‘i

BAKER, Shalanda H, Associate Professor of Law; BS 1998, U.S. Air Force Academy; JD 2005, Northeastern U; LLM 2012, Wisconsin BAKER, Tammy Haili‘ôpua, Associate Professor of Theatre; BA 1996, MFA 1999, Hawai‘i

BALARAMAN, Venkataraman, Associate Professor of Pediatrics; BS 1981, India; DM 1985, Jamaica

BALDOS, Orville C., Assistant Researcher in Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, CTAHR; BS 2002, Philippines-Los Banos; MS 2009, PhD 2013, Hawai‘i

BALSIS, Dale, Assistant Professor of Military Science; BS 2008, Hawai‘i; MBA 2013, Chaminade

BALUTSKI, Brandi Jean Nalani, Assistant Specialist in Hawai‘inuiâkea School of Hawaiian Knowledge; BA 2006, Loyola Marymount; MA 2011, Hawai‘i

BANE-TERAKUBO, Teresa M., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; BS 1989, MD 1993, Nebraska

BANNA, Jinan, Associate Professor of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences, CTAHR; BA 2005, UC Santa Barbara; PhD 2009, UC Davis

BANTUM, Erin O., Associate Researcher in UHCC; BA 1999, Nevada-Reno; MA 2003, PhD 2006, Loma Linda

BARANEC, Christoph, Assistant Astronomer in IFA; BS 2001, Caltech; PhD 2007, Arizona; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 2017

BARCARSE, Tierney O., Instructor in Special Education; BA 2005, Hawai‘i-Hilo; MEd 2008, Chaminade

BARILE, John (Jack), Associate Professor of Psychology; BS 2001, MS 2005, Old Dominion U; PhD 2010, Georgia State

BARKAI, John L., Professor of Law; BBA 1967, MBA 1968, JD 1971, Michigan; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 2007

BARNES, Bruce E., Associate Professor of Matsunaga Institute for Peace; BS 1966, Oregon State, MEd 1970, JD 1977, Hawai‘i; LLM 1985, Columbia

BARNES, Joshua E., Astronomer in IFA; BA 1979, Harvard; PhD 1984, UC Berkeley

BARNES, M. Ann, Assistant Professor of Special Education; BA 1965, BYU; MEd 1995, Utah State; PhD 2001, Wyoming

BARNETT, Daniel L., Professor of Law; BA 1982, JD 1986, U of Pacific

BARONI, Helen J., Professor of Religion; BA 1981, Grinnell; MDiv 1984, Princeton Theological Seminary; MPhil 1990, PhD 1993, Columbia

BARTHOLOMEW, M. Lisa, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; BS 1987, College of Charleston; MD 1992, Miami

BARTLETT, Andrea, Professor of Education; BA 1972, New Hampshire; MA 1976, PhD 1983, Arizona State

BARTON, Kasey E., Associate Professor of Botany; BS 1999, Stanford; PhD 2007, Colorado

BATENI, Sayed M., Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Assistant Researcher in WRRC; BS 2003, Isfahan U of Technology (Iran); MS 2005, Sharif U of Technology (Iran); PhD 2011, MIT

BAUMAN, Kay A., Professor of Public Safety; BS 1965, MS 1965, Michigan; MPH 1967, Tulane; MD 1973, Michigan

BAUTISTA, Lola Quan, Associate Professor of Pacific Island Studies; BA 1990, Washington State; MA 1994, PhD 2001, Hawai‘i

BAXA, Gari V., Junior Specialist in Student Affairs; BA 1995, MEd 1998, Hawai‘i

BAYMAN, James M., Professor of Anthropology; BA 1979, Miami; MA 1988, Northern Arizona; PhD 1994, Arizona State

BAZZELL, Tokiko Y., Librarian V in Library Services; BA 1978, Tokyo Woman's Christian U (Japan); MA 1982, Southern Illinois U-Carbondale; MS 1994, Catholic U of America

BEAMER, Jennifer, Librarian II in Library Services; M.Sc. 2003, Alberta (Canada), MLISc 2014, Hawai‘i

BEAMER, Kamanamaikalani, Associate Professor of Law and Hawaiian; BA 1998, Marymount; BA 2002, MA 2002, PhD 2008, Hawai‘i

BEAULE, Christine D., Director of General Education Office and Associate Professor of Spanish; BA 1993, Northwestern; MA 1999, PhD 2002, Pittsburgh

BEH, Hazel G., Professor of Law; BA 1973, Arizona; MSW 1975, PhD 1986, JD 1991, Hawai‘i; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 2000

BEILMAN, David W., Associate Professor of Geography; BSc 1996, MSc 2001, U of Alberta (Canada); PhD 2006, UCLA

BELLINGER, Frederick, Associate Researcher in Cell and Molecular Biology; BA 1989, Cal State Northridge; MS 1993, San Diego State; PhD 1999, U of Queensland (Australia)

BELLO, Erlaine F., Assistant Professor of Medicine; AB 1977, MD 1981, Hawai‘i

BEMAN, J. Michael, Assistant Researcher in YIP, SOEST; PhD 2006, Stanford

BEN-SEFER, Ellen, Assistant Professor in Nursing; BS 1974, Boston U; MS 1993, U of Western Sydney; PhD 2003, Macquarie U Sydney

BENGSTON, Rodney, Assistant Specialist (Gallery Director); BA 1976, Allegheny College; MFA 1982, Kent State

BENNETT, Katherine, Assistant Specialist in Social Work; BA 2001, Occidental; JD 2005, MSW 2007, Hawai‘i

BENNETT, Kevin, Associate Professor of Biology; BS 1998, Milwaukee School of Engineering; PhD 2003, Medical College of Wisconsin

BERENBERG, Jeffrey L., Professor of UHCC; BA 1963, Special Student Program 1964, Harvard; MD 1968, Boston

BEREZ-KROEKER, Andrea L., Associate Professor of Linguistics; BFA 1994, Michigan; MA 2006, Wayne State; PhD 2011, UC Berkeley

BERG, Benjamin, Professor of Medicine; BS 1979, Massachusetts; MA, MD 1983, Tufts

BERGO, Rolv A., Junior Specialist in Travel Industry Management; BS 1999, U of Bergen; MS 2001, U of Amsterdam

BERGSTROM, Kelly, Assistant Professor of Communication; BA, BFA 2007, Simon Fraser (Canada); MA 2007, Calgary (Canada); PhD 2015, York U (Canada)

BERKELMAN, Peter J., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1992, MS 1992, MIT; PhD 1999, Carnegie Mellon

BERRY, Marianne, Specialist in Center on the Family, CTAHR; AB 1981, AM 1982, Chicago; PhD 1990, UC Berkeley

BERRY, Marla J., Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology; BA 1980, PhD 1986, UC Santa Barbara

BERTZ, Ned, Associate Professor of History; BA 1994, Illinois; MA 1998, PhD 2008, Iowa; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 2010

BESS, H. David, Professor of Management and Industrial Relations; BS 1961, US Merchant Marine Academy; MBA 1964, PhD 1967, UCLA

BETHUNE, Keith P., Assistant Specialist in HNEI; BS 1998, MS 2000, Florida Atlantic

BEUTNER, Katharine E., Assistant Professor of English; BA 2003, Smith; MA 2006, PhD 2011, Texas-Austin

BHATAWADEKAR, Sai, Associate Professor of Hindi and Urdu; BA 1994, Fergusson College; MA 1999, PhD 2007, Ohio State; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 2013

BHAWUK, Dharm, Professor of Management and Industrial Relations; BA 1979, IIT; MBA 1989, Hawai‘i; PhD 1995, Illinois

BIAGIONI, Edoardo S., Associate Professor of Information and Computer Sciences; BS 1982, MIT; Informatik Diplom 1985, ETH (Zurich); PhD 1991, U of NC Chapel Hill

BIERI, Karen, Assistant Extension Agent in CTAHR; BA 1971, Montclair State College; MA 1987, Rutgers

BILL, Teresa J., Assistant Specialist and Program Coordinator in Bridge to Hope and Women's Center; 1983, Evergreen; 1986, Brown

BINDI, Veronica, Associate Professor of Physics; MS 2002, PhD 2006, Bologna U

BINGHAM, Jon-Paul, Associate Professor of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, CTAHR; BS 1992, Griffith U (Australia); PhD 1999, U of Queensland (Australia); Peter V. Garrod Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award, 2017

BINGHAM, Ruth O., Director of the Advising Center for the Colleges of AH/LLL; BA 1980, MA 1982, Hawai‘i; MA 1986, PhD 1993, Cornell

BINGHAM, Thomas, Interim Dean of Travel Industry Management and Professor of Music; BA 1975, Cal State Fresno; MA 1981, Hawai‘i

BINSTED, Kim A., Professor of Information and Computer Sciences; BSc 1991, McGil U; PhD 1996, Edinburgh U

BISBEE, Michelle A., Assistant Professor of Theatre; BFA 2003, Kent State; MFA 2013, Arizona

BITTENBENDER, Harry C., Professor of and Specialist in Tropical Plant and Soil Science, CTAHR; BS 1972, Western Michigan; MS 1974, PhD 1977, Michigan State

BLACK, Rhonda S., Professor of Education; BS 1982, MS 1991, Utah; EdD 1996, Georgia; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 2006

BLANCHARD, D. Caroline, Professor of and Researcher in PBRC; BA 1961, Hollins College; MA 1964, Iowa; PhD 1974, Hawai‘i; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 1989

BLUE, Laura, Instructor in Nursing; BSN 2004, Excelsior College; MSN 2008, U of Phoenix.

BLUST, Robert A., Professor of Linguistics; BA 1967, MA 1968, PhD 1974, Hawai‘i

BOECKMAN, Jeffrey, Associate Professor of Music; BA 1991, Berkeley; MM 2001, Arizona; DMA 2005, Wisconsin

BOEHM, Laura, Instructor in Nursing; BSN, Marquette; MSN Walden U

BOISVERT, William A., Associate Professor of Medicine; BS 1985, Oregon; MS 1986, Nebraska; PhD 1992, Tufts

BOLAND, Mary G., Dean of School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene; BS 1975, Pennsylvania; MS 1978, Seton Hall; DrPH 2000, Columbia

BONHAM, Carl, Executive Director of UHERO and Professor of Economics; BA 1982, Tulane; PhD 1989, Texas; Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation Award for Faculty Service to the Community, 2007

BONTEKOE, Ronald, Professor of Philosophy; BA 1977, Toronto; MA 1982, Queen's (Canada); PhD 1988, Toronto

BOOGERT, A. C. Adwin, Associate Astronomer in IFA; MSc 1994, PhD 1999, U of Groningen (Netherlands)

BOOTH, Charles D., Professor of Law; BA 1981, Yale; JD 1984, Harvard

BOOTH, Marlene, Instructor in Creative Media; BA 1970, Beloit; MFA 1975, Yale

BORIC-LUBECKE, Olga, Professor of Electrical Engineering; BS 1989, U of Belgrade (Yugoslavia); MS 1990, California Institute of Technology; PhD 1995, UCLA

BORTHAKUR, Dulal, Professor and Researcher in Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering; BS 1975, Assam Agric U (India); MS 1977, Punjab Agric U (India); PhD 1987, U of East Anglia (England)

BOTTJER-WILSON, Daniela, Faculty Specialist in OFDAS; BS 2002, MS 2003, PhD 2007, U of Bremen (Germany)

BOULOS, Daniel N., Associate Professor of Creative Media; BFA 1989, California Institute of Arts; MEd 2010, Hawai‘i

BOUSHEY, Carol Jo, Associate Researcher in UHCC; MPH 1979, Hawai‘i; PhD 1995, Washington

BOUSQUET, Louis, Assistant Professor of French; Maitrise 1995, Nice (France); MA 2000, Rutgers; PhD 2007, UC Santa Barbara

BOVARD, Penny-Bee Kapilialoha, Junior Specialist and Undergraduate Advisor in Women's Studies; MA 2011, AdWS 2013, Hawai‘i

BOWEN, Brian W., Researcher in HIMB; BS 1980, MS 1987, PhD 1992, Georgia

BRADLEY, John, Researcher of HIGP; BS 1976, MS 1978, U of Canterbury (New Zealand); PhD 1981, Arizona State

BRADSHAW, Joel, Journals and Web Manager in UH Press; BA 1973, Hawai‘i Loa College; MA 1975, PhD 1982, Hawai'i

BRADY, S. Kalani, Associate Professor of Native Hawaiian Health; AB 1977, Harvard; MPH 1978, Hawai‘i; MD 1982, Pennsylvania

BRANDES, Horst, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; BS 1982, Florida Institute of Technology; MS 1984, PhD 1992, Rhode Island

BRANDES, Patricia, Librarian III in Library Services; BS, Rhode Island; MLIS, Hawai‘i

BRANNER, Mark, Associate Professor of Theatre; BA 1994, UCLA; MFA 2001, Hawai‘i

BRAUN, Kathryn L., Professor of Public Health and Social Work; BS 1975, Michigan; MPH 1980, DrPH 1987, Hawai‘i; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1998

BRAY, Michele, Instructor in Nursing; BS 1989, HPU; MS 2011, Hawai‘i

BREAKEY, Gail, Junior Specialist in Social Work; BA 1967, MPH 1968, Hawai‘i

BREMER, Leah, Assistant Specialist in UHERO/WRRC; BA 2001, Northwestern; MS 2004, Victoria-Wellington (New Zealand); PhD 2012, UC Santa Barbara

BRESOLIN, Fabio, Astronomer in IFA; Laurea in Astronomy 1990, U of Padova (Italy); MS 1993, Alabama; PhD 1997, Arizona

BRIER, David J., Librarian V in Library Services; BA 1984, Oakland; Certificate 1987, MILS 1992, Michigan; MPA 2002, PhD 2011, Hawai‘i

BRISLIN, Thomas J., Interim Associate Dean of College of Arts and Humanities and Professor of Creative Media; BA 1968, Guam; MA 1970, PhD 1972, Ohio State; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1997

BROOKS, Patricia, Instructor in Nursing; BS 1984, California State Polytechnic; MS 1994, Azusa Pacific U

BROWDER, Thomas E., Professor of Physics; BS 1982, Chicago; PhD 1988, UC Santa Barbara

BROWN, Abigail, Instructor in Hawai'i English Language Program; BA 1987, MA 1994, Hawai‘i

BROWN, Amy C., Associate Professor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine; BS 1981, MS 1983, Hawai‘i; PhD 1986, Virginia

BROWN, James D., Professor of Second Language Studies; BA 1973, Cal State Los Angeles; BA 1976, UC Santa Barbara; MA 1978, PhD 1982, UCLA; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 2017

BROWN, Jennifer L., Assistant Specialist in Manoa Transfer Coordination Center, BA 2002, UC Santa Barbara; MEd 2007, EdD 2013, USC

BROWN, Joseph J., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

BROWN, Marie Alohalani, Assistant Professor of Religion; BA 2007, MA 2010, PhD 2014, Hawai‘i

BROWN, Ronald C., Professor of Law; BS 1965, JD 1968, Toledo; LLM 1970, Michigan

BROWN, Shana J., Associate Professor of History; BA 1993, Amherst College; MA 1997, PhD 2003, UC Berkeley

BROWNE, Colette V., Professor of Social Work; BS 1972, Monmouth U; MEd 1973, Massachusetts; MSW 1978, MPH 1978, DrPH 1990, Hawai‘i; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1996

BRUNO, Barbara C., Specialist in HIGP; BS 1987, Brown; MS 1990, PhD 1994, Hawai‘i

BRUNSON, Jan M., Associate Professor of Anthropology; BA 1999, Eckerd College; MA 2001, PhD 2008, Brown

BUCHTHAL, Opal Vanessa, Assistant Professor of Public Health; BA 1988, San Francisco State U; MS 1993, UCLA; DrPH 2012, Hawai‘i

BUCKLEY, Brent A., Associate Professor of and Associate Extension Specialist in Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences, CTAHR; BS 1978, Nebraska; MS 1982, South Dakota State; PhD 1985, Nebraska

BUELOW, Stephanie M., Assistant Professor of Reading/Literacy Education; BS 2000, East Stroudsburg U of Pennsylvania; MEd 2005, PhD 2011, Hawai'i

BUENCONSEJO-LUM, Lee E., Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health and UHCC; BS 1990, Stanford; MD 1994, Hawai'i

BUENTE, Wayne, Associate Professor of Communication; BS 1993, Purdue; MSI 2003, Michigan; PhD 2011, Indiana

BUI, Tung X., Professor of Information Technology Management; Licence 1974, Advanced Professional Certificate 1980, Geneva; PhD 1986, NYU

BURGESS, Lawrence P. A., Professor of Surgery; BS 1976, West Point; MD 1980, Hawai‘i

BURKETT, Maxine, Professor of Law; BA 1998, Williams College; JD 2002, UC Berkeley

BURLINGAME, Janet M., Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; BA 1987, Harvard; MD 1991, Columbia

BURNETT, Kimberly, Associate Specialist in SSRI/UHERO; BBA 1998, Loyola; MA 2004, PhD 2007, Hawai‘i

BUS, Schelte J., Researcher in IFA; BS 1979, California Institute of Technology; PhD 1999, MIT

BUSH, Anne M., Professor of Art; BFA 1984, Arizona State; MFA 1989, Yale

BUSINGER, Steven, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences; BS 1975, Washington; MS 1978, Colorado; PhD 1986, Washington; Chancellor's Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 2011

BUSKIRK, Patricia Amaral, Assistant Professor of Communication; BA 1985, Hawai‘i; MFA 2004, Savannah College of Art & Design

BUSQUET, Severine, Assistant Researcher in HNEI; MS 1999, U of Poitiers (France); PhD 2003, Mines Paris Tech (France)

BUSSERT, Rachael, Librarian III in Library Services; BA 2005, Ohio State; MA 2010, Wright State; MLIS 2014; Wayne State

BUSSIERE, Simon, Assistant Professor of Architecture; BSLA 2005, Massachussetts Amherst; MLA 2009, Harvard

BUTLER, John E., Professor of Management and Director of Family Business Center; BA 1968, St. Francis College; MBA 1980, LaSalle U; M Phil 1982, PhD 1985, NYU

BUTLER, Marguerite A., Associate Professor of Biology and Zoology; BS 1988, MS 1991, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; PhD 1998, Washington U

BUTLER, Rhett, Researcher in HIGP; BS 1974, MIT; MS 1976, PhD 1979, California Institute of Technology

BYE, Catherine, Technical Services/Acquisitions Librarian of Law; BA 1990, Humboldt State; MLIS 1994, Hawai‘i