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Colleges of Arts and Sciences

General Information

The Colleges of Arts and Sciences (A&S) consist of four colleges that offer an integrated curriculum leading to baccalaureate and graduate degrees, minors, and certificates in their respective colleges. Each college includes an administrative unit, an advising unit, and a number of academic departments and programs. Information about the individual A&S colleges follows this shared introduction.

An excellent education is the primary mission of UH Manoa, and the Colleges of Arts and Sciences is at the heart of this mission, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience in a vibrant academic climate.

UH Manoa undergraduates take many of their first UH Manoa courses in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences as they undertake the General Education Core curriculum that is part of all the bachelor degrees offered on the campus. This liberal arts curriculum stresses the integration of knowledge to enhance students’ understanding of life, the human condition, and the world in which we live. The core curriculum also entails critical thinking, which enables students to evaluate arguments, ideas, and theories, and to develop creative and meaningful applications of what they learn. The core gives students the tools of inquiry, enabling them first to identify important questions and then to seek, analyze, and interpret possible answers to issues of their lives, world, and universe. The curriculum also provides opportunities to develop students’ artistic and creative imaginations and their oral and written communication skills so that they can effectively present their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Since values guide human actions, the core curriculum allows students to examine their own values and learn about those of others in order to help students understand themselves and others around the world.

Students who earn their degrees in one of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences will find that an ideal education, based in the liberal arts, prepares students for productive lives and careers, enlightened citizenship, and lifelong learning. The colleges enhance students’ learning opportunities by promoting active participation.

Accreditations and Affiliations

All academic programs are reviewed and evaluated regularly by campus and external faculty committees. Some academic programs, because of the nature of the discipline, are also accredited or certified by national organizations. Check with individual academic departments and programs for their accreditation status or affiliation with national or international organizations.

Scholarships and Awards

The Colleges of Arts and Sciences and their departments provide scholarships and awards to exceptional students. For a selective list of scholarships, see “Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid.” If you wish specific information on prizes or scholarships offered through the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, contact the appropriate department.

A&S Honor Societies

Honor societies at UH Manoa in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences include Golden Key National Honour Society (undergraduate), Lambda Delta (freshmen), Mortar Board (seniors), Phi Beta Kappa (liberal arts and sciences), Phi Eta Sigma (freshmen), and Phi Kappa Phi (general scholarship).

Student Organizations

Societies and clubs associated with many departments within the Colleges of Arts and Sciences give students opportunities to explore a field from an informal perspective, get acquainted with other students with similar interests, and learn of the options available upon graduation. The Colleges of Arts and Sciences highly recommend active student involvement in these associations for the academic and professional enhancements they provide. Check with your major department’s advisor for information.
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