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Colleges of Arts and Sciences

Multiple Majors/Degrees and Minors

A&S students are encouraged to consider applying for additional majors/degrees, minors, certificates, or a combination. Pursuing additional academic fields of study can benefit students in many ways, including the opportunity to discover relationships across disciplines, develop diverse perspectives, strengthen one’s appreciation for the acquisition of knowledge in more than one academic field, and enhance one’s ability to problem solve and communicate in a variety of settings.

Multiple Majors/Degrees

To be eligible, applicants for multiple majors/degrees and minors must be:

  • enrolled as a classified student in an Arts and Sciences College;
  • in good academic standing (have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher); and
  • able to complete all requirements and still graduate in a timely manner.

To apply for multiple majors/degrees, students should visit their College advising office for instructions and the application form. Applicants will need to submit:

  • an application form (UHM-3);
  • an academic plan showing timely graduation; and
  • a brief but formal written statement explaining why the student would like to pursue multiple majors.

Second Major Option

Students who have already completed and graduated with a baccalaureate degree and wish to add just another major (as opposed to an entire second baccalaureate degree) should enroll as a Post-Baccalaureate Unclassified (PBU) student. Students interested in pursuing the post-baccalaureate Second Major Option should meet with an undergraduate advisor in the relevant department to request permission and to identify remaining requirements for the major.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

Students who have already completed and graduated with a baccalaureate degree and wish to add another degree (with major as well as General Education requirements) should apply as a second degree student.

Priority for admission into any A&S baccalaureate program is given to students seeking their first undergraduate degree. Applicants must meet all admission requirements for the degree program to which they are applying, and applications must be received by the Office of Admissions by established deadlines.

Applications for a second baccalaureate degree will be considered only if there is a demonstrable difference in curricula and objectives between the student’s previous degree and the one to which the student is applying. Course work used towards a major/minor/certificate in the first degree cannot be used to satisfy requirements for the second degree unless specific courses are required by both.

Students must earn a minimum of 30 credits in courses taken at UH Manoa after admission as a second baccalaureate degree candidate while continuously enrolled in the colleges. For more information, see the appropriate college advising office of the intended second degree program.

Minors and Certificates

In addition to the major concentrations that are part of every bachelor degree, students may choose to pursue one or more minors and/or certificates in an area of personal interest. Minors and certificates signify that a student has completed a defined body of work in a particular department or program.

Minors are part of the undergraduate degree and are conferred by UH Manoa’s Office of the Registrar when students graduate.

The Board of Regents has granted specified programs and departments the right to confer certificates, and certificates can be conferred as soon as the student completes the program’s requirements. Some certificates are only for graduate students.

A&S Colleges offer minors in 30 disciplines and certificates in 44 disciplines. Most minors and certificates require a minimum of 15 credits of upper division course work, completed with a grade of C (not C-) or better and with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher. Information on specific minors and certificates can be obtained from the appropriate department or program.

To add a minor or certificate, students submit a “Certification of Minor” form.

Graduate Programs

Information regarding graduate programs and admission is in the “Graduate Education” section of the Catalog. Check each department’s section for information about their specific program(s) and requirements.