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Refer to the department/program sections of the Catalog for more information on each graduate program. Note: Information on the clinical research program is listed under the Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and information on the cell and molecular biology graduate program is located in the “Interdisciplinary Programs” section of the Catalog.

Graduate program inquiries should be directed to the appropriate program chair. General information is available on the web at jabsom.hawaii.edu/ed-programs/masters-phd/.

Biomedical Sciences

Cell and Molecular Biology
Mariana Gerschenson, PhD
Phone: (808) 692-1518
Email: gershen@hawaii.edu
Marla Berry, PhD
Phone: (808) 692-1506
Email: mberry@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/cmb

Clinical Translational Research
Beatriz L. Rodriguez, MD, MPH, PhD
Phone: (808) 692-0909
Email: brodrigu@hawaii.edu, mscr@hawaii.edu
Web: jabsom.hawaii.edu/ed-programs/masters-phd/#clinRes/

Developmental and Reproductive Biology
Yusuke Marikawa, PhD
Phone: (808) 692-1411
Email: marikawa@hawaii.edu
Web: www3.jabsom.hawaii.edu/Grad_DRB/index.html

Tropical Medicine
Sandra Chang, PhD
Phone: (808) 692-1607
Email: sandrac@hawaii.edu
Web: manoa.hawaii.edu/tropicalmedicine/

Communication Sciences and Disorders
Henry Lew, MD, PhD, CCC-A
Phone: (808) 692-1582
Email: henrylew@hawaii.edu
Web: csd.jabsom.hawaii.edu

Undergraduate Programs

For information on medical technology, refer to the respective section of the Catalog.

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