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Outreach College

General Information

Outreach College partners with academic and support units at UH Manoa to provide for the educational needs of the community through flexible scheduling and innovative methods of program/course delivery. Key program and service activities of the college include:

  • Academic Advising and Student Support Services
  • Community Service/Public Events Programs
  • Credit Programs
  • International Programs
  • Professional Programs
  • Summer Sessions


Outreach College initiates and provides innovative, diverse, and flexible quality educational opportunities for life-long learners, extending the resources of UH Manoa to serve the state, nation, and world.

Utilizing a scope of classroom, arts, cultural, and advanced technological modes of delivering learning experiences, the Outreach College staff is committed to assessing and responding to the educational needs of targeted and under-served learners.

In addition, Outreach College:

  • Provides supportive guidance and services to its participants;
  • Presents programs and collaborations that reflect/enhance the community’s educational and cultural diversity; and
  • Serves as a leader in the UH Manoa development of distance learning.

Through all of its programs, Outreach College inspires and engages learners to recognize education as a valuable lifetime investment.


Outreach College is affiliated with the University Professional and Continuing Education Association, the Association of University Summer Sessions, the North American Association of Summer Sessions, the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators, Western Arts Alliance, and Association for Continuing Higher Education.

Degrees and Certificates

Outreach College is a non-degree granting academic support unit, which delivers, in collaboration with departments and colleges, credit courses applicable towards UH Manoa degrees and certificates. Outreach College offers courses during the day and evening, primarily to serve degree students of UH Manoa. However, these courses are open to UH System students, qualified residents and non-residents, and in the summer to select high school students. Non-credit certificates are offered in various areas of professional development.


Student Services
Sinclair Library, Room 301
2425 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-7221
Fax: (808) 956-3752
E-mail: ocadvise@outreach.hawaii.edu
Web: www.outreach.hawaii.edu

Office of Student Services provides support services to non-degree seeking students. Services include advisement on UH Manoa admissions procedures and policies, general UH Manoa policies, degree programs, course selection, and UH System offerings, as well as enrollment and registration for courses delivered by Outreach College.

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