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UH Manoa Scholarships

The scholarships listed below are only a selection of the more than one thousand scholarships, fellowships, and other awards available to UH students. More information is available from academic advisors, the UH Manoa Library, Financial Aid Services, or the chairs of departments. Information is also available at www.star.hawaii.edu.

School of Architecture

Allen R. Johnson-Roy C. Kelley Architectural Travel Scholarship
AIA Honolulu Scholarship
Barry John Baker Endowed Scholarship
Bergum Scholarship
Donald G. Deer Memorial Scholarship
Gilman Hu Honolulu Chapter CSI Endowed Scholarship
HONBLUE Student Support Fund
Leighton Liu Endowed Scholarship
PBR Hawai‘i Scholarship
R. Richard Morris Memorial Scholarship
UH Manoa School of Architecture Practicum Fund
UHSAAA Scholarship

Colleges of Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Advisory Council Awards
Aspect Technology Fund Grants (open to all UH Manoa students, administered by Arts and Sciences)
Chandler Fellowship
K. S. Cheng Memorial Scholarship Fund
Colleges of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association Scholarship
Colleges of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association Study Abroad
Anna Toy Ng Memorial Scholarship
Rodney P. Santos Scholarship
The John Young Scholarship in the Arts

Academy for Creative Media

Grace Abernethy Screenwriting Award
Ito-en Production Support Fund
Cinema Italiano, Hawai‘i Future Filmmaker Award
HIFF SMART Exchange Award
Roy & Hilda Takeyama Student Support Fund

Department of American Studies

Brown-Denney Award
Glen Grant Endowed Scholarship Fund
Goto of Hiroshima Foundation Endowed “Fumiko Kaya” Scholarship
Japanese Women’s Society Foundation Endowed “Kokoro” Scholarship
James M. McCutcheon Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Department of Anthropology

Jocelyn Armstrong Merit Award in Anthropology
Carol Eastman Scholarship (undergraduates majoring in Anthropology)
Richard W. Lieban Endowed Scholarship for Anthropology
Manoa Achievement (tuition) Scholarship Graduate Education

Department of Art and Art History (for current majors only)

Jean Charlot Foundation Scholarship
Geraldine P. Clark Memorial Fellowship
David H. and Doris C. Crowell Award
Stephen Doue Scholarship
Helen Gilbert-Bushnell Memorial Award
H. John Heide Fellowship in Art (graduate)
Honolulu Printmakers Scholarship
Kelly Kao Memorial Scholarship
Shore Hodge Lipsher Memorial Award (undergraduate and graduate)
Matt Smith Award
Diane Sullivan Memorial Scholarship
Yun T. and Chen Chuan Tu Student Travel Endowment in Art

College of Arts and Humanities

Diamond Head Theatre’s Burnett/Selleck Scholarship
Danny Kaleikini/Kahala Hilton Scholarship
Hands of Hope

Department of Biology

Edmondson Fellowships and Research Grants
E. Alison Kay Scholarships
Jessie D. Kay Memorial Fellowships

Department of Botany

Isabella Aiona Abbott Undergraduate Botany Fund for Excellence
Beatrice Krauss Fellowship Fund in Botany
Charles H. Lamoureux Fellowship in Plant Conservation Fund
Torrey-Degener-Rock Scholarship Endowed Fund
Winona Pi‘ilani Char Endowed Scholarship Fund

Department of Chemistry

Giichi Fujimoto Scholarship
Shigeo and Hatsu Iwamoto and Paul J. Scheuer Scholarship
William W. Y. Young Fellowship in Chemistry

School of Communications

Blom Journalism Book Award
Pierre L. Bowman Memorial Scholarship
Carol Burnett Fund for Responsible Journalism
James H. Couey Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Pat Pitzer Memorial Scholarship
Eugene Tao Scholarship
Louise Hess Miller Travel Fund
Ed Sheehan Scholarship in Journalism
McNeil Wilson Communications Fund
Bonnie J. Wiley Memorial Fund
John Luter Memorial Fund
F. R. Moulton Memorial Fund
Sharon Ishida/UH Journalism Alumni Award

Department of Communicology

Department of Communicology Service Award
Joseph Fielding Smith Memorial Award
Department of Communicology Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Department of Communicology Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

The James T. Araki Endowed Scholarship in Japanese Literature
Manoa Achievement (tuition) Awards Undergraduate Majors
Manoa Achievement (tuition) Scholarship Graduate Education
Eugene and Sook-ki Moon Endowed Fellowship
Red Mandarin and Lady Yi-suen Shen Tuition Scholarship in Chinese Language

Department of Economics

Burnham O. Campbell Dissertation Award in Economics (graduate)
Burnham Campbell Fellowship Fund
Chris Grootaert Scholarship
Dolores Ann Sanchez Memorial Fund
The Hung Family Fellowship (graduate)
Professors Henry M. K. Mok and James Mak Endowed Scholarship (graduate)
Seiji Naya Student Awards Fund (graduate)

Department of English

Grace K. J. Abernethy Fund in Creative Writing (graduate)
The Academy of American Poets Prize
The James and Eleanor Frierson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ernest Hemingway Memorial Fund (undergraduate)
Red Mandarin and Lady Yi-suen Shen Tuition Scholarship (graduate)
The Elizabeth McCutcheon Endowed Scholarship for Literary Studies (graduate)
Patsy Sumie Saiki Endowment Fund (short story)
Stephen C. Stryker and William H. Stryker Prize For Creative Writing
Yun T. Chen Chuan Tu Student Travel Endowment in English

Department of Ethnic Studies

Roland Kotani Scholarship
Sarah and Francis Sogi Smithsonian/Hawai‘i Fellowship Scholarship

Department of Geography

Neal M. Bowers Memorial Award
Abraham Pi‘ianai‘a Graduate Scholarship
H. J. Wiens Memorial Award (graduate)

Department of History

Jerry H. Bentley Endowed Scholarship in World History (graduate)
Graduate Student Research and Travel Fellowship (graduate)
Graduate Student Tuition Scholarship for Advanced PhD Candidate (doctorate)
Hung Family Endowed Fellowship (graduate)
John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellowship in History (doctorate)
Daniel W. Y. Kwok Endowed Fund (graduate)
Manoa Achievement (tuition) Scholarship Graduate Education
James M. McCutcheon Memorial Endowed Scholarship for History (graduate)
Idus Newby Award (doctorate/junior faculty)
Barbara Bennett Peterson Graduate Student Support Fund (graduate)
Robert K. Sakai Award for East Asian History (doctorate)
Ishi Sakurai Scholarships (undergraduate)
Minoru Shinoda Scholarship in Japanese History (graduate)

Department of Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures

Samuel H. Elbert Graduate Scholarship
Amos P. and Edna Lee Leib Scholarship for Graduate Study of Literature of the Pacific
Jack Haven Ward Graduate Scholarship

Department of Information and Computer Sciences

Fred and Annie Chan Scholarship

College of Languages, Linguistics, & Literature

Hands of Hope Foundation Scholarship

Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas

Mira Baciu-Simian Memorial Fellowship
Alwine and Jesse Doyle European Language Travel Grants
Anita Hecht Scholarship
Betsy Tan Scholarship
Frederick and Ella Wiswell Scholarships
Linda Rudoy Memorial Scholarship

Library and Information Science Program

Beta Phi Mu-Xi Chapter Scholarship
Robert and Rita Blair Memorial Award
Mary Edward Professional Award
Friends of the Library (Hawai‘i) Scholarships
LIS Alumni Group Student Award
LIS Professional Award
Ralph R. Shaw Memorial Award
H. W. Wilson Scholarship

Department of Mathematics

Kern-Clark Memorial Award Fund

Spark Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution

Jacob Peace Memorial Award (UH system)
Nobumoto Tanahashi Peace Fellowship (UH Manoa)
Nobumoto Tanahashi Peace Scholarship (UH Manoa)

Department of Music

Louella Shipwright Buchenau Applied Music Scholarship (piano)
Ernest Chang Piano Studio Scholarship (piano)
Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw Hawaiian Music Scholarship
Chen Composition Scholarship
Chinese Music Scholarship
Cooke Chamber Music Endowed Scholarship
Cooke Piano Scholarship
Beau Gard Dixon Memorial Scholarship (ethnomusicology)
Friends of Music at Manoa Scholarship
Reiko Fujimoto Scholarship (voice, piano)
Graduate Fellowship in Ethnomusicology
Gregory C. Goetz Music Scholarship (music education, choral)
Gregg Hagiwara Memorial Scholarship (percussion, gamelan)
Gustafsson-Ritenband Scholarship
Fritz Hart Foundation Scholarship (performance or composition)
Hawai‘i Music Teachers Association Scholarship
Heide Student Assistance in Music
Honolulu Chinatown Lions Club Piano Scholarship (piano)
Honolulu Piano Teacher’s Association Scholarship (piano)
Geoffrey Lloyd Memorial Scholarship (voice or musicology)
Ellen Masaki Endowed Piano Scholarship (piano)
Donald Matsumori Music Award (research)
Marianne Miyamura Memorial Piano Scholarship
Mary Fayeweather Montano Scholarship (Hawaiian music)
Music Department Scholarships
Musical Moments with June Chun Scholarship
Aya Noda Piano Scholarship (piano)
The Andrew Nyborg Fellowship in Music (graduate)
Nesta Obermer Chamber Music Scholarship (string instruments)
Orvis Endowed Scholarship (voice)
Orvis Vocal Student Grants (voice)
William Pfeiffer Memorial Scholarship (voice or ethnomusicology)
Presser Foundation Scholarship
Ho‘oulu Richards Scholarship (hula and Hawaiian chant)
Ruth Small Memorial Scholarship (performance)
Stephenson Endowed Music Scholarship
Allen Trubitt Memorial Fund
Peter Coraggio Memorial Scholarship (piano)
UH Band Tuition Waivers
UH Symphony Orchestra Tuition Waivers
Richard Vine Scholarship (voice)
Chie Yamada Scholarship (ethomusicology)

College of Natural Sciences

Postl Scholarship
Allen and Nobuko Zecha Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Department of Philosophy

David L. Hall Prize (undergraduate)
Ashok Kumar Malhotra “Seva” Award (undergraduate or graduate)
Uehiro Graduate Student Essay Award in East Asian Philosophy (graduate)
Wing-Tsit Chan Graduate Fellowship (graduate)

Department of Physics and Astronomy

ARCS Columbia Communications Award in Astronomy (graduate)
ARCS Sarah Ann Martin Award in Physics (graduate)
Marie and Victor Cole Scholarship for the Institute for Astronomy
Vincent Z. Peterson Scholarship (undergraduate)

Department of Political Science

Harry Friedman Memorial Award
Thomas Hale Hamilton Memorial Award
Richard Kosaki Award
Norman Meller Award
Jorge Fernandes Memorial Fellowship
Glendon Schubert and James Neal Schubert Political Science Endowed Scholarship

Public Administration Program

Herman S. Doi Fellowship
D. William Wood Endowed Scholarship for Pacific Island Health Administrators

Department of Religion

Buddhist Studies Scholarship Fund
Henry Gengo and Riu Wakai Memorial Scholarship

Department of Second Language Studies

Manoa Achievement (tuition) Scholarship (Graduate)
Elizabeth Carr Holmes Scholarship
Craig Chaudron Memorial Fund
Ruth Crymes Memorial Grant
SLS Graduate ‘Oihana Maika‘i Fund for Professional Development
Charlene Sato Memorial Scholarship
UH Bilinski Fellowship in Second Language Studies

College of Social Sciences

Chandler Scholarship in Public Policy or Conflict Studies (Graduate)
Richard H. and Mildred D. Kosaki Student Assistance Fund

Department of Sociology

Gary Sakihara Scholarship (Graduate)
Bernard Hormann Award (Graduate and Undergraduate)
Joseph Seldin Travel Award (Graduate)

Department of Theatre and Dance

Glenn Cannon Memorial Scholarship
Department of Theatre and Dance Tuition Scholarships in Theatre and Dance
Friends of Kennedy Theatre Scholarships
Edward A. Langhans Award in Western Theatre & Dance History, Literature, & Theory

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Achievement Scholarship Graduate Education Urban and Regional Planning
American Planning Association–Hawai'i Chapter Scholarship
Kem Lowry Award
SSFM International Graduate Scholarship in Planning
R. M. Towill Corporation Fellowship

Shidler College of Business

Accounting Student Educational Support
Association of Government Accountants of Hawai‘i Endowed
Scholarship Fund
Roland Casamina and House of Finance, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
T. C. and Angeli Chan Endowed Scholarship Fund
Chew Jay Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Stanley and Sandy Lee Chin Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dennis Ching Memorial/First Interstate Bank Foundation Program
The T. N. Ching Scholarship Fund
The City Mill Company, Ltd./C. K. Ai Foundation Scholarship
CW Associates, CPAs Scholarship
Deloitte & Touche Scholarship Endowment Fund
Florence Hutson Driskel Endowed Scholarship Fund
Darleen Morioka Dyer Scholarship Endowment
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Shidler Scholarship Fund
Ernst & Young LLP Accounting Scholarship
Vance Fawcett Scholarship
Financial Executives International-Hawai‘i Chapter Scholarship
First Insurance Company of Hawai‘i Endowed Scholarship for Excellence
The Oscar and Rosetta Fish Fund for Excellence
Eddie Flores, Jr. & Elaine Flores Endowed Scholarship
Financial Planning Association of Hawai‘i Scholarship
Freeman Foundation Asian Study Abroad Program
Fujii and Rodriguez Endowed Scholarship Fund
Candes Meijide Gentry Endowed Scholarship
Dick Gourley Scholarship
Hawai‘i Accounting Education Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund
Hawai‘i Association of Public Accountants
O‘ahu Chapter Endowed Scholarship
Hee Chew Family Endowed Scholarship
Thomas W. S. Hee Endowed Scholarship at the Shidler College of Business
Ralph and Joyce Hook, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Hawai‘i Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship
Institute of Internal Auditors Hawai‘i Chapter Scholarship
Ralph S. Inouye Co., LTD. Endowment in honor of Professor K. K. Seo
William R. Johnson, Jr. Study Abroad Endowment
Leonard and Rebecca Kamp Endowed Scholarship
Kauai NIMBA 1 Scholarship
KPMG LLP Scholarship for Accounting Excellence
Daniel B. T. & Evelyn Y. Q. Lau Shidler Graduate Fellowship Endowment
Terry Lee Scholarship for Excellence
Robert H. Y. Leong & Company Endowed Scholarship
May and Richard Leung Endowed Scholarship Fund
Master’s of Accounting Endowed Scholarship Fund
Todd Kiyo Matsuda Endowed Scholarship
Barbara McKeever Scholarship
The Marian Miccio Memorial Scholarship Fund
Grace Mizuko Miyawaki Scholarship
Jack and Zelie Myers Endowed Scholarship Fund
Hideo Noguchi International Scholarship Fund in the Center for Japanese Global Investment & Finance
Sandra T. Ohara Scholarship Honoring Phyllis Kawano Aoki
Patrick Oki Endowed Scholarship Fund for Beta Alpha Psi
The Hisaji Onoye Endowed Scholarship Fund
Michael and Judy Pietsch Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship
PKF Scholarship for Excellence in Accounting
C. Dudley Pratt, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Saltchuck DL EMBA Scholarship (Young Brothers, Hawaiian Tug & Barge, Maui Petroleum, Hawai‘i Petroleum, Minit Stop, Aloha Air Cargo and Saltchuck Resources Scholarship Fund for the Distance Learning EMBA Program)
Shidler College of Business Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund
Shidler College of Business Endowed Scholarship for Future Leaders
Shidler College of Business Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund
Shidler CIMBA Scholarship
Shidler Day MBA Scholarship
Shidler College of Business General Scholarships and Awards
Shidler VEMBA Scholarship
The Society of Human Resources Management Scholarship Fund
Ulrike and Toufiq Siddiqi Student Travel Endowment
Sales & Marketing Executives International Honolulu Memorial Scholarship in Honor of Stephanie Lee Uyeda
Sukamto Foundation Scholarship
The Marge Sylvester Scholarship Fund
Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation Scholarship
Howard and Vivian Todo Scholarship Fund
The Kazuo and Akiyo Totoki Memorial Scholarship
Keith Vieira Ho‘owaiwai a Ho‘ona‘auao Endowed Scholarship
The Mike and Deborah Washofsky Endowed Graduate Executive Education Scholarship
Frank Watase Endowed Scholarship Fund
J. Watumull Merit Scholarship Fund
Jhamandas Watumull Business Scholarship
J. Edwin Whitlow Endowment
Eiro and Alice Yamada Endowed Scholarship

College of Education

Mitsuo Adachi Scholarship for Graduate Study in Education
Toshiko and Shiro Amioka Scholarship
Au and Hew Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Joseph and Sumie Kaneshiro Bishop Scholarship
Gladys Ainoa Brandt and Bank of Hawai‘i Scholarship
Frank Brown Memorial Scholarship
James and Abigail Campbell Foundation Scholarship in Teacher Education
Robert L. and Brigitte M. Campbell Endowed Fund in Science Education
Mary Tenney Castle Memorial Graduate Fellowship
The Henry and Dorothy Castle Memorial Early Childhood Education Scholarship
College of Education Alumni Scholarship
Alice, Sumy, and Carl Daeufer Family Scholarship in Teacher Education
Peter and Patricia A. Dunn-Rankin Scholarship
Stephanie Feeney Scholarship in Early Childhood Education
Evelyn Siu Foo Scholarship in Education
Royal T. and Aurora A. Fruehling Fellowship for Graduate Study in Education
Hawaiian Telcom Math and Science Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship
Sibyl Nyborg Heide Scholarship
Teruo and Violet Ihara Scholarship
Andrew W. S. and Jennie L. In Scholarship for Graduate Studies
Stanley and Agnes Ing Family Scholarship
Stella Lau In Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy M. Kahananui Scholarship in Music Education
Alexander Poki Kali Memorial Scholarship
Arthur R. King, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Hirokai, Elaine and Lawrence Kono Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mary Cho Lee Scholarship Fund
Patricia B. Lopes Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Elementary Education
Colonel Willys E. Lord and Sandina L. Lord Scholarship Fund in the COE
Edith Ling Louis and James Lun Louis Scholarship Fund
Yuriko K. and Cheong Lum Endowed Scholarship
McInerny Foundation Scholarships in Teacher Education
Tokuji and Toshiko Ono Endowed Scholarship in Education
Kenneth and Laura Onomoto Miyoshi Endowed Scholarship
Yoshiaki and Asako Furuya Nakamoto Scholarship for Undergraduate Study
Takasuke and Tome Nomura Family Scholarship
Frances M. J. and Alexander L. Pickens Scholarship in Secondary Education
Elsie and Shiro Saito Student Assistance Fund
Cornelia F. and Roy Sakamoto Scholarship Endowment
Scholarship in Special Education
Kathryn Au Shen Endowed Fund
Esther M. Sato and Jean M. Sakihara Scholarship Endowment IMO Loren I. Shishido
Yoshimitsu Takei Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ellen Tom and Chow Loy Tom Endowed Scholarship
James I. and Ella M. (Ohta) Tomita Endowed Scholarship
Hazel Van Allen Scholarship in Teacher Preparation
Harry C. and Nee-Chang Wong Foundation Scholarship
Pearl N. and Paul T. Yamashita Scholarship in Special Education
Dr. James A. Y. and Nora Nishiyama Yee Endowed Scholarship
Ginny H. L. Young Education Scholarship

College of Engineering

Thomas Keola Ahsing Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ajitomi Family Scholarship
ARC Foundation Scholarship
Everett E. Black Scholarship
Beavers Heavy Construction Scholarship (graduate)
Bretzlaff Foundation ARCS Graduate Scholarship (doctoral)
CH2M Hill Scholarship
Fred & Annie Chan Scholarship
Chan Scholarship for Transfer Students
Zichao Deng Endowed Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Chi Epsilon Alumni Association Scholarship
The Dr. Arthur N. L. Chiu Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Chris K. Davis Endowed Scholarship
Engineering Alumni Association Scholarship
Farmer (CCPI) Scholarship
Lorenzo C. Fruto Memorial Scholarship (graduate)
Gary I. and Lori S. Funasaki Endowed Scholarship
Mateo L. P. Go Scholarship Fund
Hawai‘i Pacific Steel Framing Alliance (graduate)
Hawaiian Telcom Fellowship (graduate)
Harold J. Heide Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
Sam and Yukino Hirota Scholarship
Ronald N. S. Ho and Ann T. Ho Endowed Scholarship
Ronald N. S. Ho and Associates Endowed Scholarship
Eric N. Jacobsen Memorial Scholarship
Douglas & Mary Kamiya Endowed Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Leonard and Rebecca Kwai Hin Kamp Scholarship
Dennis & Marilyn Kanemura Scholarship
Regent Donald Chang Won Kim Scholarship
Frederick M. Kresser ARCS Scholarship (graduate)
George W. T. Loo Scholarship
Walter & Jeane Lum Scholarship
Larry Matsuo Scholarship
Murabayashi Foundation Engineering Scholarship
Nan Chul Shin Foundation Scholarship
Native Hawaiian Science & Engineering Mentorship Program Alumni Scholarship
Oceanic Cable Endowed Scholarship
Sanford Oda Memorial Scholarship
Pacific Alliance–Siemens Building Technologies
Charles H. Sawa Scholarship
Clinton Shelton Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering
The Roy S. & Florence N. Shimabukuro Scholarship
SSFM International, Inc. Scholarship
SSFM International, Inc. Freshman Scholarship Fund
Structural Engineers Association of Hawai‘i Scholarship (graduate)
Richard M. Towill Scholarship
Roswell M. and Jeanie Towill Civil Engineering Scholarship
Roswell M. and Jeanie Towill Graduate Research Scholarship (graduate)
TRW Graduate Fellowship (graduate)
George A. L. Yuen Engineering Scholarship

Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge

AES Hawai‘inuiakea Scholarship
Center for Hawaiian Studies Scholarship
Chris Grootaert Endowed Hawai‘inuiakea Scholarship Fund
Gladys ‘Aiona Brandt Scholarship Fund
John Dominis Holt Scholarship
Karen Elaine Chandler Endowed Hawai‘inuiakea Scholarship Fund for Hawaiian Studies, Dance and Music
Dorothy M. Kahananui Scholarship
Red Mandarin and Lady Yi-suen Shen Tuition Scholarship
Na Lei ‘Oiwi Scholarship
Pacific Islands Institute Hawaiian Studies Graduate Scholarship
Lokomaika‘iokalani Snakenberg Graduate Scholarship in Hawaiian Language

William S. Richardson School of Law

Access to Justice Ulu Lehua Scholarship
Advocates for Public Interest Law Summer Grant
Ashford Memorial Scholarship
Audubon Society Award
Hazel G. Beh Scholarship for Part-Time Students
Best Second-Year Seminar Paper
Bruce C. Bigelow Memorial Award
Frank Boas Award for Best Paper on a Pacific/Asian Topic
Frank Boas Scholarship
Augusto Camara Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1977 Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1985
Eleanor Silvers Cohen Summer Fellowship in Juvenile Justice and Human Rights
Sam L. Cohen International Human Rights Fellowship
Gregory Conlan Memorial Award
ELP Summer Grant Program
John S. Edmunds Award for Civility and Vigorous Advocacy
Jackie Mahi & Bruce T. Erickson Scholarship
Starn O'Toole Marcus &Fisher Scholarship
Dr. Wendell and Susan Foo Ulu Lehua Scholarship
Lawrence C. Foster Scholarship
Wallace Fujiyama Memorial Scholarship
Gender Equity Fellowship
Hyman M. and Betty D. Greenstein Memorial Scholarship
HSBA Natural Resources SYS Award
HSBA Real Property SYS Award
Allen Hoe Scholarship
James K. Hoenig Family Court Clerkship Scholarship
Chris Iijima Memorial Scholarship
Jarman Environmental Law Fellowship
C. Jepson Garland Memorial Award
George & Evelyn Johnson Scholarship
Michiko and Kaoru Kashiwagi Japanese Studies Grant
Lawrence H. Kono Memorial Award
James Koshiba Law Review Scholarship
James Koshiba Public Service Scholarship
Law Faculty Fund For Student Excellence
Law School Achievement Scholarship
Law School Alumni Association Scholarship
Carol Mon Lee Scholarship
Bernard Levinson Award
Lum Law Review Scholarship
Francell Marbeth Mokihana Marquardt Scholarship for Pacific Island Students
Hartley McGehee Family Law
McCorriston Miller Mukai MacKinnon Scholarship
Patsy T. Mink Legislative Fellowship
Carl Mirikitani, Jr. Valedictory Prize
Clifford K. Sr., Richard S., and Percy K. Mirikitani Scholarship
George C. Munro Award for Environmental Law-Hawai‘i
Edward H. Nakamura Memorial Scholarship
Linnel Nishioka-HECO Award
Pacific Asian Studies Achievement Scholarship
Judge Martin Pence ABOTA Fund
Sam and Helen Piesner Endowed Scholarship for Japanese Legal Studies
Coral W. & James H. Pietsch Award
Michael Porter Scholastic Awards
Ramsfield Scholarship
Amy C. Richardson Memorial Award
Cades Schutte Scholarship
Samuel Soifer Award for Social Justice
Spirit of Alison K. Adams Award
Ulu Lehua Scholarship Fund
Margaret & John Ushijima Scholarship

John A. Burns School of Medicine

Kheng See Ang, MD and Lawrence J. Taff Endowed Scholarship
Ronald and Carol Ayabe Endowed Scholarship
ARCS Foundation Scholarships
E. E. Black Scholarship
Dr. Kekuni Blaisdell Endowed Scholarship for Native Hawaiian Health
John A. Burns Foundation Scholarship for Entering JABSOM Students
John A. Burns School of Medicine 50th Anniversary Scholarship
Benjamin J. Cayetano Imi Ho‘ola Endowed Scholarship
Empowerment Fund at JABSOM
Wo JABSOM Achievement Scholarship
Wo JABSOM Opportunity Scholarship
Elizabeth and Richard Grossman Endowed Scholarship
Ralph and Jane Hale Scholarship
Will J. Henderson Aloha Fund
Jane Takako Fujii Hong Scholarship
Dr. Shigeru Richard and Mrs. May Horio Memorial Scholarship
Samuro and Florence Ichinose Scholarship
JABSOM MD Alumni Scholarship
Dr. David W. Jones Scholarship
Nadine Alexander Kahanamoku Scholarship
The Glenn M. Kokame, MD Memorial Award for Surgery
The Kokame Family Scholarship
Stella Lau In Memorial Scholarship
Mathew H. M. Lee, MD Memorial Scholarship
Colin C. McCorriston, MD and Helen D. McCorriston Scholarship
Medical School General Scholarship
Gwen S. Naguwa, MD Scholarship for Medical Professionalism
Pacific Anesthesia, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
Wanda Jane Pavela Scholarship
Sakai Endowed Scholarship
Richard Sherbahn, MD Endowed Scholarship
Mansfield M. and Charlotte M. Snyder Scholarship
Hazel Tominaga Tsutsui Theodore Imi Ho‘ola Program Scholarship Edowment
The Yazawa Family Endowed Scholarship

School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene

Department of Dental Hygiene Scholarships

Agnes C. Bickerton Endowed Scholarship Fund in Dental Hygiene
Dr. Alan S. T. Chang Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Dental Hygiene
Dr. Allen and Mrs. Helen Ito Endowed Scholarship in Dental Hygiene
Hawai‘i Family Dental Centers Scholarships in Dental Hygiene
Joan Lau Kamimoto Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund in Dental Hygiene
Kenneth Kenji Koga and Yoshi Tanji Koga Endowed Scholarship for Dental Hygiene

Department of Nursing Scholarships

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation Scholarship for Nursing Graduate Students
Amy T. Ebesu Scholarship
Annie Paiva Nursing Scholarship
Claire B. and Mark L. Litchman Endowed Scholarship in Nursing in Honor of the U.S. Nurse Cadet Corps of World War II
Damsker Nursing Scholarship Fund
Dr. Graceann Ehlke, PhD Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence K. W. (Bo Hing Chan) Tseu Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Edward and Sally Sheehan Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nursing
EWHA Woman𔄀s University Alumnae Association in Hawai‘i Nursing Scholarship
Frances A. Matsuda Endowed Fellowship in Nursing
Friendship Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Hawai‘i Keiki Endowed Scholarship Fund for Nursing
Helene Fuld Health Trust Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jonas Nurse Leader Scholars Fund
Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholars Fund
Kunimitsu and Jessie Tamai Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Leilani Kaua‘i Scholarship Fund for UH Manoa Nursing
Macfarlane Scholarship in Nursing
Mary Patricia Kulesh Memorial General Aid Fund in Nursing
Milton Lau and Nalani Makua Andresen Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Murabayashi Foundation Nursing Scholarship Fund at UH Manoa
Pauline Hirasuna Nursing Scholarship
The Queen’s Medical Center ‘IKE AO PONO Fund
Shelley Wilson Veterans Nursing Scholarship
Signe Widen Nyborg Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Fund
Tokoji & Toshiko Ono Endowed Scholarship
UH Manoa Nursing Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Veterans Achieving a BS in Nursing Scholarship (May and Stanley Smith Charitable Fund)
William Randolph Hearst Bachelor of Science Nursing Scholarships

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

Again Abbott Award
ARCS Foundation Scholarship (graduate)
Fred M. Bullard Endowed Graduate Fellowship (graduate)
Alan Church Environmental Steward SOEST Scholarship
Ricky Chi Kan Fong Memorial Scholarship
William T. Coulbourn Fellowship in Marine Geology
Wendell and Susan Foo Scholarship
Hawai‘i Space Grant Undergraduate Fellowship
Bernice C. Loui Scholarships and Fellowship
NOAA–Sea Grant Scholarships
Senior Thesis Research Award
Noel and Diane Henderson Scholarships in Science and Engineering
Sarp Kayan Scholarship
Fernando Gabriel Leonida Memorial Scholarship
Senior Thesis Research Award
Harold T. Stearns Fellowship
Undergraduate Summer Field Camp Award
J. Watumull Merit Scholarship (graduate)

School of Pacific and Asian Studies

Ah Kin (Buck) Yee Graduate Fellowship in Chinese Studies
Center for Japanese Studies Graduate Fellowship
Center for Japanese Studies Sen Graduate Fellowship
Center for Korean Studies Graduate Scholarship
Center for Korean Studies Undergraduate Scholarship
Chung-Fong and Grace Ning Fund
Donald C. W. Kim Graduate Scholarship for Korean Studies
Dong Jae and Hyung Ja Lee Undergraduate Scholarship
Eu Tong Sen Memorial Fellowship
Hanayo Sasaki Graduate Merit Scholarship
Herbert H. Lee Graduate Scholarship
James Shigeta Scholarship
Japan Travel Bureau Scholarship
John Fee Embree Endowed Scholarship
Minae and Miki Kajiyama Graduate Merit Scholarship
Kim Ch'on-hung Memorial Scholarship
Korean National Association/Kook Min Hur Endowed Scholarship
Avis Morigawara Scholarship in Japanese Studies
Moscotti Fellowship for Graduate Studies of Southeast Asia
Murabayashi Urban Planning Scholarship
N. H. Paul Chung Endowed Graduate Scholarship
PPSEAWA Hawai‘i Scholarship
Starr Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Asian Studies
Takie Sugiyama Lebra Scholarship
Tasuku Harada Graduate Scholarship
Yong-Min Endowed Scholarship

Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work

Department of Social Work

Betty Lyle Anderson Scholarship
Hoa Hana Scholarship
Ho‘ala‘ia O Na Kupuna ‘Ihi Scholarship
Gordon and June Ito Foundation Scholarship
Sentaro and Laurel Tomiko Takasaki Kaneda Endowed Scholarship
Oscar and Gaile M. Kurren Endowed Scholarship
Fred Markham Lampson Scholarship
Jensen Lampson Memorial Scholarship
Sally Kanehe Lampson Endowed Scholarship
Murabayashi Foundation Scholarship
NASW–Hawai‘i Chapter Student Scholarship
George K. Okazaki Memorial Scholarship and Grant Fund
Daniel S. Sanders Doctoral Award
SSW Alumni and Friends Scholarship
Richard S. and T. Rose Takasaki Endowed Scholarship
Elaine K. Tamashiro Endowed Fellowship
Myron B. Thompson Endowed Scholarship

Office of Public Health Studies

Joseph E. Alicata Award in Public Health
Elmer J. Anderson Professional Travel Award
Chin Sik and Hyun Sook Chung Memorial Award
Abraham Kagan, MD Endowed Fellowship
Lawrence Koseki Award for Excellence in Community Service
Frances Ayako Matsuda Sano Fellowship in Public Health
John McComas and Christine Kobayashi Fellowship Endowment for Public Health
Pauline Stitt Outstanding Student Award
Robert M. Worth Epidemiology Scholarship

Center on Aging

HPGS Undergraduate Scholarship
Kahala Nui Graduate Scholarship

School of Travel Industry Management

Chuck Yim Gee Asia Pacific TIM Scholarship
Clinton K. Inouye Scholarship
Discover Hawai‘i Tours/Debi Bishop Scholarship Fund in TIM
Edward and Orpah Barnet Scholarship
Edwin M. Hastings Memorial Scholarship
Elena L. H. Tom Scholarship Endowment
Enterprise Rent-A-Car TIM Scholarship Fund
John Stewart Foote Scholarship
Hawai‘i Travel Academy Scholarship
H.I.S. Hawai‘i TIM Scholarship Endowment
Hichiro and Lily Kobayashi Endowment Scholarship
Hotel & Travel Fellowship
Horizon Lines Scholarship
Iwasaki Scholarships Foundation, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Scholarship Fund
JTB Hawai‘i, Inc. Scholarship Endowment
Kenneth F. C. and Aileen K. Char Fellowship Fund
Mark B. Dunkerley Endowed Scholarship Fund
Marriott Foundation Scholarship
Martin Pray-IHRG Industry Scholarship
Robert F. Mason Memorial Scholarship
MC&A, Inc., Scholarship in TIM
Nolan and Jane Kramer Scholarship
Pacifico Service Grant
Peter Fithian Endowed Scholarship at the University of Hawai‘i PRC Professional Training Fellowship
SKAL-Jim Whyte Scholarship
TIM Achievement Scholarships
TIM Alumni Hong Kong Chapter Professional Development Scholarship
TIM International Inc. Scholarship
TIM Scholarship for International Students
TIM Student Aid Fund
TIM Student Educational Opportunity Fund
TIM 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund
Travel Weekly Educational Opportunity Fund
William J. Mullahey Scholarship Fund

College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Alexander Napier Memorial Scholarship
Aloun Farms Association
Harold and Eleanor Matsumoto Au Scholarship Program
Mary and Marie Blanco Scholarship
Elsie M. Boatman Scholarship
James L. Brewbaker Fellowship
Robert L. & Brigitte M. Campbell Scholarship in Human Nutrition
James and Jeanne Carpenter Scholarship
Kenneth G. and Susan Cassman Scholarship
Allene E. F. Chun Scholarship
CTAHR Achievement Scholarship
CTAHR Alumni & Friends Association Scholarship
CTAHR Centennial Scholarship
CTAHR New Student Scholarship
CTAHR New Student Native Hawaiian Scholarship
Dean's Outstanding Achievement Scholarship
Drs. Au Yeung, Sui Shan & Emmett Richard Easton Scholarship
Edward M. Ehrhorn Entomology Scholarship
Fred Fujimoto Scholarship
Katherine Gruelle Scholarship
Richard Airth Hamilton Scholarship
D. Elmo Hardy Scholarship
Andrew G. and Merle Hashimoto Scholarship
Hau‘oli Mau Loa Fellows-Graduate Assistantship
Hawai‘i Association of Family and Consumer Sciences–Fashion Design and Merchandising Centennial Scholarship
Hawai‘i Association of Family and Consumer Sciences–Family Resources Centennial Scholarship
Hawai‘i Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship
Hawai‘i Florists and Shippers Association Scholarship
Hawai‘i Fresh Milk Industry Scholarship
Hawai‘i 4-H Alumni/Weinberg Scholarship
Louis and Rachel Day Henke Award
Charles Chu Hing Scholarships
Tadashi Higaki Scholarship
James Richard (Dick) Bunker Hope Scholarship
Mabel Inada Ito Scholarship
Hiroki Kaku Memorial Scholarship
Haruyuki Kamemoto Scholarship
Tung and Rachel Liang Scholarship
Jiro Matsui Scholarship
Sachiyuki Masumoto Scholarship
Carey D. Miller Award
Wallace C. Mitchell Scholarship
Dr. Allen Y. Miyahara Scholarship
Katherine Bazore Gruelle and Nobue Nishimura Scholarship
Patricia Sachi Ogawa Memorial Scholarship
Phi Upsilon Omicron Scholarship
Lori Y. Oura Memorial Scholarship
Charles H. Reed, DVM Memorial Scholarship
Richard Shimabukuro Memorial Scholarship
Paul Singleton Scholarship
Nan-Yao & Jill H. Su Scholarship
Minoru Tamashiro Scholarship
Tanada Family Entomology Scholarship
Harold T. Tanouye Scholarship
Dennis Y. and Brenda R. Teranishi Scholarship
TPSS Scholarship
Goro Uehara Scholarship
Jhamandas Watamull CTAHR Scholarship
J. Watumull Merit Scholarship
George M. Yamane Scholarship
Melvin T. Yokoyama Scholarship
Sylvia H. L. Yuen & Harold S. Masumoto Fellowship Fund

Intercollegiate Athletics

‘Ahahui Koa Anuenue Scholarship
Athletic General Scholarships

International Student Services

Dai Ho Chun Scholarship
International Undergraduate Student Scholarship
June C. Naughton International Student Services Scholarship
Kenji Yamagumi Fund

KOKUA Program

Masao and Michiko Okasako Scholarship
Walter Serikawa Scholarship

Kua'ana Native Hawaiian Student Development Services

Operation Kua‘ana Scholarship

National Student Exchange

Edwin T. and Leilani Kam Scholarship

ROTC Programs

Aerospace Studies

Airlift Tanker Association Scholarship
Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association ROTC
Daedalean Award-Louis Gawens Senior Memorial Scholarships
Four, Three, and Two-Year National ROTC In-College Scholarships
Flagship Korean Language Program Scholarship
Military Officers Association of America-Hawai‘i Chapter Scholarship
Scholarship Award
UH Foundation Giving Tree Scholarship
Wah Kau Kong Memorial Award Scholarship

Military Science

Armed Forces Benefits Association Scholarship
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Scholarship
Army National Guard Scholarships Four, Three, and Two-Year
Army Reserve Scholarship Three and Two-Year
Green To Gold Four, Three, and Two-Year Scholarships
Leader’s Training Course/Basic Camp Two-Year Scholarship
National ROTC Scholarships Four, Three, and Two-Year
Nursing Scholarships Four, Three, and Two-Year
National Guard/Army Reserve Scholarships

Study Abroad Center

Anita Hecht Scholarship (French only)
Association of International Education–Japan
Betsy Tan Scholarship (French only)
Chancellor's International Opportunities Scholarship
Colleges of Arts & Sciences Alumni Association Study Abroad Grant
Shidler College of Business Scholarship (students taking courses in business, area studies, and foreign languages)
Denmark’s International Scholarship
Flinders University semester scholarship (Australia)
International College of Seville (Seville only)
Margaret Todd Scholarship (London only)
Mildred Towle Scholarship for Study Abroad
Mira Baciu-Simian Scholarship (French only)