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Aerospace Studies


AFROTC Building
1460 Lower Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822

Tel: (808) 956-7734


LtCol Bibiana Laborte (Director)
Capt A. Levien
Capt J. Rowlison (Admissions Officer)
Capt B. Herman
Capt R. Quan
TSgt D. Thompson
SSgt M. Albertsen

General Information

Aerospace Studies is part of the Air Force ROTC program. Through this program, full-time students pursue a commission in the U.S. Air Force. Once commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, graduates of the Air Force ROTC program serve on active duty for a specified period of time.

The Academic Program

The Aerospace Studies department offers 2, 3, and 4 year programs to students. Course content includes: Foundations of the U.S. Air Force, Evolution of Airpower, Leadership Studies, and National Security Affairs. All lower division courses are approximately one credit hour. Upper division course are three credit hours.

An integral part of the Air Force ROTC commissioning program is Leadership Laboratory and Physical Training. Students are required to attend both functions and must meet all attendance requirements in order to remain in good standing within the program.

Outside of the academic environment, we offer a wide array of optional activities to enhance students’ leadership skills. These activities include: Professional Military Training, Professional Development Training, Leadership Reaction Course, community service, and group leadership projects.

Scholarships are available to highly qualified freshmen and sophomore students, wishing to pursue a commission. In addition, scholarships are available to students pursuing degrees the Air Force deems “critical.” Scholarships cover tuition, fees, and textbooks.

Interested students may obtain information by contacting the admissions officer at 956-7734 or afrotc@hawaii.edu.

Military Science (Army ROTC)


1311 Lower Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-7744
Fax: (808) 946-2840
E-mail: gblt@hawaii.edu
Web: www.hawaii.edu/armyrotc


LtCol C. Perez
Maj C. Sweeney
Capt W. Crawford
Master Sgt W. Bandoy
Sgt First Class K. Kruse
Sgt Maj (R) D. Lyons
Master Sgt (R) D. Sullivan

General Information

The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program provides college-trained officers with commissions as lieutenants in the U.S. Army, Hawai‘i Army National Guard, and the U.S. Army Reserve. Officers may be commissioned on active duty, in a reserve component while pursuing a civilian career, or receive an educational delay and earn a graduate or professional degree. Four-year, three-year, and two-year programs are available.

The Academic Program

The four-year program is divided into a two-year basic and two-year advanced course. The basic course is for students who enter ROTC in their freshman year. With approval, students may enter ROTC in their sophomore year and compress the basic course requirements. This traditional program offers a moderately paced course of military and academic training resulting in completion of ROTC and eligibility for a commission on graduation day. All basic courses are electives, and no obligations are incurred. The advanced course includes a five-week summer camp between the junior and senior years held at Fort Lewis, Washington. Pay for the advanced course is $350-400 per month during the school year and approximately $650 plus room and board for the five weeks at camp. To be eligible for the advanced course, a student must (a) be a U.S. citizen, (b) successfully complete the basic course or its equivalent, and (c) meet other statutory and regulatory requirements.

The two-year advanced program can be taken without the basic course by students who attend and complete a four-week summer camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky, for which the student receives approximately $600. Likewise, veterans of all services, three-year JROTC graduates, and national guardsmen and reservists may be exempt from the basic course. Should an individual qualify, select, and complete this option, he or she is eligible to receive a commission upon graduation. Students must have four semesters of college work remaining after finishing the basic summer camp (or qualifying for the exemptions). Advanced course students must have completed 54 credits and be full-time students.

In addition to the courses summarized in the course descriptions, cadets will be required to meet professional military education requirements prior to graduation and commissioning. These requirements consist of courses in military history and computer literacy. Courses on management and national security studies are also recommended.

Optional Programs

Army Reserve/ Army National Guard Membership

The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) allows cadets to participate in and receive drill pay from an Army Reserve or Hawai‘i National Guard unit as an officer trainee while they complete the Army ROTC advanced course. The pay such cadets receive is in addition to the monthly ROTC spending allowance and any GI Bill educational benefits to which they are entitled.


Two and three-year scholarships are available. All Army ROTC scholarships are merit based and pay up to $17,000 in tuition per year. In addition, scholarships will provide $600 per year for books and a $250-400 per month spending allowance. Applications are accepted beginning in the fall semester each year with results being announced in the spring semester.


For general information about the Army ROTC program or specifics on eligibility requirements, contact the Enrollment Officer in the Military Science Building at 1311 Lower Campus Road or call CPT William Crawford at (808) 956-7766/7744/4137.