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Colleges of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

The Colleges of Arts and Sciences (A&S) offer Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Music (BMus), and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in 52 different majors. In addition, the Colleges of Arts and Sciences offer 27 minors and 33 different certificates. Detailed program information is available at the Student Academic Services office (QLCSS 113) or at www.advising.hawaii.edu/artsci.

During their first year at UH Manoa, A&S students should meet with their college and major advisors to discuss their educational plans.

Students interested in an A&S major should declare their major at least by the end of their sophomore year by submitting a Declaration of Major form to the A&S Student Academic Services office. Some majors, such as those in the performing arts and the sciences, should be declared as soon as possible, preferably during the freshman year, because they require courses that must be taken in a specific order. Information on specific majors, minors, and certificates is available through the respective academic departments and their websites.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences are the same as those for UH Manoa.

Some majors, however, have specific admission requirements (see departments' sections).

Steps to Graduation

  1. Complete the four requirement areas for undergraduate degrees as described in the following section and remain in good academic standing (see "UH Manoa Graduation Requirements" under "GPA").
  2. File for graduation one to two semesters in advance by completing an Online Grad session available on the CASSAS website.
  3. Pay the UH Manoa diploma fee in order to receive a diploma and transcripts.