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The online emeriti faculty listing has been arranged alphabetically. Please click on a letter to jump to the corresponding section:

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MA, Yau-Woon, Emeritus Professor of Chinese Literature; BA 1965, Hong Kong; PhD 1971, Yale

MACKENZIE, Fred T., Emeritus Professor of Oceanography; BS 1955, Upsala College; MS 1959, PhD 1962, Lehigh; Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research, 1991; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1993; Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1994

MACMILLAN, Ian T., Emeritus Professor of English; BS 1963, SUNY Oneonta; MFA 1965, MA 1966, Iowa; Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award, 2006

MADER, Adolf G., Emeritus Professor of Mathematics; MS 1961, Tubingen (Germany); PhD 1964, New Mexico State

MALTBY, Joseph, Emeritus Professor of English; BA 1952, MA 1957, Stanford; PhD 1963, Wisconsin

MAMIYA, Richard T., Emeritus Professor of Surgery; BS 1950, Hawai‘i; MD 1954, St. Louis

MARETZKI, Thomas W., Emeritus Professor of Allied Medical Science and Anthropology; BA 1951, Hawai‘i; PhD 1957, Yale

MARK, Shelley M., Emeritus Researcher in Agricultural and Resource Economics; BA 1943, Washington; MS 1944, Columbia; PhD 1956, Washington

MARSELLA, Anthony, Emeritus Professor of Psychology; BA 1962, Baldwin-Wallace College; MA 1964, Kent State; PhD 1968, Pennsylvania State

MARSELLA, Joy A., Emeritus Professor of English; BA 1963, Baldwin-Wallace College; MA 1970, Pennsylvania State; PhD 1981, Hawai‘i; Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1994

MARTIN, Stephen L., Emeritus Specialist in Student Affairs; BA 1964, Denver; MA 1965, Minnesota; PhD 1969, USC

MARUTANI, Herbert K., Emeritus Specialist in Agricultural Economics; BBA 1953, MA 1958, Illinois; PhD 1970, Hawai‘i

MASON, Richard G., Emeritus Professor of Drama and Theatre; BA 1950, Swarthmore; MFA 1953, Yale

MATSUDA, Fujio, Emeritus President and Professor of Civil Engineering; degrees listed under “Former Presidents”

MATSUMOTO, Hiromu, Emeritus Biochemist in Molecular Biosciences and Biosystems Engineering; BS 1944, MS 1945, Hawai‘i; PhD 1955, Purdue

MATSUO, Dorothy I., Emeritus Director and Specialist in Student Affairs; BS 1950, MPH 1970, EdD 1982, Hawai‘i

McCARDLE, H. Roy, Emeritus Specialist in Student Development; BS 1941, Columbia; MBA 1962, Hawai‘i; EdD 1972, New Mexico

McCARTHY, Harold E., Emeritus Professor of Philosophy; BA 1937, MA 1942, PhD 1947, UC Berkeley; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1965

McCORD, Thomas B., Emeritus Planetary Scientist, HIGP; BS 1964, Pennsylvania State; MS 1966, PhD 1968, CIT

McCORMICK, Linda P., Emeritus Professor of Education; BA 1967, Belmont College; MA 1969, PhD 1973, George Peabody

McCUTCHEON, Elizabeth N., Emeritus Professor of English; BA 1954, William Smith; MA 1956, PhD 1961, Wisconsin

McDERMOTT, John F., Jr., Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry; AB 1951, Cornell; MD 1955, NYU Medical College

MCKAUGHAN, Howard P., Emeritus Professor of Linguistics; BA 1945, UCLA; MTh 1946, Dallas Theological Seminary; MA 1952, PhD 1957, Cornell

McKAY, R. Neil, Emeritus Professor of Music; BA 1953, Western Ontario; MA 1955, PhD 1956, Eastman School of Music

MCVAY, Harue O., Emeritus Professor of Art; BA 1950, Hawai‘i; MA 1951, Ohio State

McNAMARA, J. Judson, Emeritus Professor of Surgery; MD 1961, Washington; MPA 1998, Harvard

MELENDY, H. Brett, Emeritus Professor of History; AB 1946, MA 1948, PhD 1952, Stanford

MERRITT, Fred C., Emeritus Professor of Social Work; BA 1941, Montana State; MSW 1949, Denver; DSW 1970, Case Western Reserve

MI, Ming-Pi, Emeritus Professor of Genetics and Molecular Biology; BS 1954, National Taiwan U; MS 1959, PhD 1963, Wisconsin

MICHAEL, Jerrold M., Emeritus Professor of Public Health; BCE 1949, George Washington; MSE 1950, Johns Hopkins; MPH 1957, UC Berkeley; DrPH (Hon) 1983, Mahidol (Thailand); ScD (Hon) 1984, Tulane

MIKLIUS, Walter, Emeritus Professor of Economics; BA 1958, Cal State Los Angeles; MA 1960, PhD 1964, UCLA

MILLER, Richard S., Emeritus Professor of Law; BS 1951, BA 1951, JD 1956, Boston; LLM 1959, Yale

MIYAHARA, Allen, Emeritus Extension Veterinarian, Animal Scientist; DVM 1954, MS 1960, Iowa State

MIYAHARA, James T., Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology; BS 1960, PhD 1966, Utah

MOBERLY, Ralph M., Emeritus Professor of Geology; AB 1950, PhD 1956, Princeton

MONTES, Matias, Emeritus Professor of Spanish; BA 1948, Havana Institute (Cuba); PhD in Pedagogy 1952, Havana

MONTES, Yara, Emeritus Professor of Spanish; PhD in Philosophy and Letters 1955, Havana; PhD 1978, Pittsburg

MOORE, Anneliese W., Emeritus Associate Professor of European Languages; BA 1958, Hawai‘i; MA 1959, UC Berkeley

MOORE, Cornelia N., Emeritus Professor of German and Dutch; BA 1966, MA 1966, Colorado; PhD 1971, Indiana

MORISHIGE, Walter K., Emeritus Professor of Physiology; AB 1964, Missouri; MA 1967, PhD 1971, Rutgers; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching

MORIWAKI, Takeshi, Emeritus Associate Professor of Education; BA 1951, MA 1952, PhD 1962, Indiana

MORRIS, James D., Emeritus Professor of Education; BS 1955, Northern State College; MA 1957, EdD 1961, North Dakota

MORRIS, Nancy Jane, Emeritus Librarian V, University Libraries; BA 1954, George Washington; MA 1964, Denver; MA 1975, PhD 1987, Hawai‘i

MORTON, Bruce E., Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics; BA 1960, La Sierra College; MS 1963, PhD 1965, Wisconsin

MORTON, Newton E., Emeritus Professor of Genetics; BA 1951, Hawai‘i; MS 1952, PhD 1955, Wisconsin

MOSER, Roy E., Emeritus Specialist in Food Technology; BS 1944, MS 1947, Massachusetts

MOY, James H., Emeritus Professor of and Researcher in Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, CTAHR; BSChE 1957, MSChE 1958, Wisconsin-Madison; PhD 1965, Rutgers

MUELLER-DOMBOIS, Dieter, Emeritus Professor of Botany; Ag. Engineering 1951, Stuttgart-Hohenheim (Germany); BScF 1955, PhD 1960, British Columbia; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1988; Tuexen Prize, 2000; Dr. honoris causa 2004, Brandenburg Tech U

MUNCHMEYER, Frederick C., Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1942, Coast Guard Academy; MS 1948, MIT; PhD 1978, Michigan

MURAKAMI, Takio, Emeritus Professor of Meteorology; DSc 1960, Tokyo

MURDOCH, Charles L., Emeritus Professor of and Researcher in Tropical Plant and Soil Science; BS 1959, MS 1960, Arkansas; PhD 1966, Illinois

MURTON, Brian J., Emeritus Professor of Geography; BA 1961, MA 1962, Canterbury; PhD 1970, Minnesota

MYTINGER, Robert E., Emeritus Professor of Public Health; BS 1948, DrPH 1965, UCLA