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Journalism (JOUR)

College of Social Sciences

JOUR 150 The Media and Society (3) Communications media in theory and practice. Development, role, influence; rights, responsibilities, problems, issues, and trends. DS

JOUR 250 Media Writing (3) Fundamentals of writing for various news media and public relations; ethics. A-F only. Pre: 150 and (ENG 100, 100A, 190, or 200).

JOUR 300 Reporting (3) Theory and practice of information gathering using a variety of primary and secondary sources, finding information online, use of databases and interviews for news stories, with emphasis on writing. Sophomore standing or higher. A-F only. Pre: 250 (with a minimum grade of B) (or concurrent).

JOUR 307 Photojournalism (3) Production, selection, and use of digital photographs for publications. Storytelling action and feature photography with digital cameras, worked up through Adobe Photoshop and InDesign programs. Students must have a digital camera. A-F only.

JOUR 316 Advanced Editing (3) Intensive training in editing, planning, and organizing stories and visual elements for publication; news judgment; managing projects. Pre: 250 (with a minimum grade of B) or consent.

JOUR 320 Visual Journalism: Multimedia (3) Fundamentals of visual journalism; visual theory, principles, and tools to create multimedia journalism projects for online, emerging media, and print platforms. Sophomore standing or higher. A-F only. Pre: 250 (with a minimum grade of B).

JOUR 325 Magazine Writing (3) Writing nonfiction articles for magazines, newspapers, and newsletters; preparing material for specific audience; marketing articles.

JOUR 327 Interpretive Journalism (3) Writing articles of news analysis, editorials, and critical reviews. Pre: consent.

JOUR 330 Video Journalism (3) Fundamentals of video journalism using digital video cameras for writing, reporting, editing, and producing news stories. Sophomore standing or higher. A-F only. Pre: 250 (with a minimum grade of B).

JOUR 360 Journalism History and Trends (3) Development of the news media and trends that may affect the future of journalism. Pre: upper division standing. DS

JOUR 365 Communication and Law (3) Role of communication in the legal process; impact of law on communication processes. Pre: COM/JOUR major and junior standing, or consent. (Cross-listed as COM 451) DS

JOUR 385 Practicum (1) Working on campus student or quasi-professional publications under professional and faculty supervision. CR/NC only. Repeatable up to three credits. Pre: consent.

JOUR 390 (Alpha) Journalism/Communications Workshops (V) Short-term intensive workshops in journalism and mass communication skills and projects. (B) workshop in new media; (C) workshop in reporting; (D) workshop in editing; (E) workshop in broadcast journalism; (F) workshop in public relations. Repeatable in different alphas up to 6 credits. JOUR or COM majors only. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as COM 390)

JOUR 401 Journalism Projects/Production (6) Intense problem-based application of skills and knowledge to production of a major journalism project across multiple media platforms. Repeatable one time with instructor approval. Pre: 300 and 320 and 330 or consent, and ICS 101 or 110 or 111. (Fall only)

JOUR 402 Media and Community (6) Intellectual, historical, social and cultural context of contemporary journalism in our community with application through projects. Pre: 401.

JOUR 407 Advanced Photojournalism (3) Computer experience in the creation, manipulation, and editing of color news, feature, sports, and documentary images. Study of the ethical and legal dimensions of electronic imaging. Pre: 307 or consent.

JOUR 425 Publication Layout and Design (3) Visual display concepts and procedures for newsletters, brochures, newspapers, magazines. Pre: upper division standing.

JOUR 459 Special Topics (3) Topics of interest to faculty and students; taught by regular and visiting faculty. Repeatable on different topics to six credit hours. JOUR majors only. Pre: COM/JOUR major and junior standing, or consent. (Cross-listed as COM 459)

JOUR 460 Media Ethics (3) Ethics and social responsibility for media professionals. Application of ethical theories and principles to case studies and research projects. Pre: any 300-level course in COM or JOUR and junior standing; or consent. (Cross-listed as COM 460)

JOUR 475 Global Communication (3) Problems and opportunities of communication in a variety of international contexts. Focus on commerce, diplomacy, and mass communication. JOUR majors only. Pre: COM/JOUR major or consent. (Cross-listed as COM 475) DS

JOUR 485 Fieldwork (3) Internship in media or PR operations under professional and faculty supervision. Repeatable two times. CR/NC only. Pre: 250 (with a minimum grade of B) and 300, and either 320 or 330; or consent.

JOUR 499 Directed Research (V) Individual research projects. Pre: senior standing and consent of department chair.

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