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Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (OEST)

School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

The following courses are not part of a specified department’s curriculum. These courses are highly interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on faculty expertise from throughout SOEST and the Mânoa campus. They are not based in any of the departments but are administered and coordinated by the associate dean’s office.

OEST 735 is a key element of the graduate ocean policy certificate program.

OEST 099 International Exchange Study/Research (V) Study overseas in an approved international exchange or similar program. Repeatable three times. GES, GG, and MET majors only. CR/NC only. Pre: consent of academic advisor.

OEST 100 The College Experience (1) Required for entering SOEST majors to develop skills and applications for a successful college experience. Students will examine academic goals and implement strategies to achieve goals including time management and career exploration. SOEST majors only. CR/NC only.

OEST 101 Natural Hazards (3) Science of natural hazards: impact on human civilization of events in the lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere (e.g., earthquakes, hurricanes, red tides, and floods), and impact of humans on their exposure to and mitigation of the hazards. DP

OEST 103 An Introduction to Integrative Systems Biology: Hawaiian Biomes as a Framework (4) Lecture/discussion introduces students to the field of biology through the integration of microbiology and macrobiology into a single, comprehensive systems biology with a focus on Hawaiian biomes and ecosystem sustainability. (Fall only) DB

OEST 109 Contemporary Issues in Energy Systems (3) Introductory experience in energy systems including current status of fossil fuel, renewable energy technologies, energy utilization and conservation; environmental and policy aspects. A-F only. (Fall only)

OEST 350 Ethics in Scientific Research (1) Introduction to issues of ethics in scientific research and scientific misconduct. GG, GES, or ATMO majors only. (Spring only)

OEST 441 Principles of Sustainability Analysis (3) Introduction to the principles of sustainability analysis through execution of Life Cycle Analysis applied to products, processes, or systems. LCA and the evaluation of environmental impact will be presented. Personal computer or laptop (Word 97 or higher) OS, and minimum of 4GB RAM. Repeatable one time. Junior standing or higher. A-F only. Pre: (CHEM 161 and PHYS 170) with a minimum grade of C-; or consent. (Fall only)

OEST 510 Earth Sciences Professional Development Education (V) Specialized Earth Science topics workshops designed for in-service teachers who wish to learn new approaches and content areas in geology and geophysics, meteorology and oceanography. Repeatable up to 12 credits. Credits earned cannot be applied for graduate degrees.

OEST 696 Communicating Ocean Sciences (3) Application of current learning theory and pedagogical practices in formal and informal learning environments to improve communication and instructional skills. Graduate students from multiple science disciplines welcome. Requires knowledge of biology, earth sciences, and/or chemistry. Pre: at least one course in introductory biology, geology, earth science, chemistry or marine science, an interest in ocean science, and enthusiasm for teaching science; or consent. (Spring only)

OEST 699 Directed Reading/Research (V) Selected interdisciplinary ocean/earth-related topics involving science, technology, engineering, and/or policy. Repeatable one time. Pre: consent.

OEST 735 Ocean Policy and Management (3) Interdisciplinary approach to problems relating to humans and their interactions with the world’s oceans and coasts. Focus includes institutions for governing the world’s oceans and coasts at all scales and on the role of scientific knowledge in managing marine and coastal resources. Repeatable one time. Pre: OCN 331, GEOG 435, or consent. (Cross-listed as SOCS 735)