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The 2015-2016 University of Hawai'i at Manoa (UH Manoa) Catalog is a comprehensive guide to UH Manoa programs, course offerings, services, tuition, financial aid, faculty, facilities, academic policies, and other information of general importance to UH Manoa students. The information in this Catalog is not necessarily complete; names and contact numbers for other publications and offices, which may offer additional information about specific areas of interest, have been included.

The Catalog is divided into five major sections:

  • Information about the University and the campus, student services, academic policies, tuition and financial aid;
  • Information about the individual colleges and schools and their academic programs;
  • Descriptions of courses offered;
  • Lists of administrators, faculty, and staff with their academic backgrounds; and
  • Campus policies and information, glossary, and index.

If you are a prospective freshman or transfer undergraduate student, consult the sections on undergraduate education, Undergraduate General Education Requirements, tuition, financial aid, and student life. In addition, you should read the program section of the department, college or school that interests you. Before selecting classes, read the course descriptions for prerequisites, credit hours, and other relevant information. For additional information on specific programs of study, consult the department chair, program director, or major advisor.

If you are a prospective graduate student, consult the graduate education section and the graduate chair of the program in which you are interested for information regarding admission requirements, degree options, registration, and related procedures.

If you are a continuing student, keep this Catalog handy as a source of general information. Familiarity with its contents can smooth your progress toward your degree.

Although every effort is made to keep the Catalog correct and current, there will be changes in courses offered and program requirements. Check the Registration Guide at www.hawaii.edu/myuh/manoa and your department, college or school for the most current information.

Web Information: The Catalog is available online at: www.catalog.hawaii.edu.

General Campus Information: For further information on UH Manoa, contact:

UH Manoa General Information
Campus Center 212
2465 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (808) 956-7235 (Voice/Text)
Web: www.hawaii.edu

The University of Hawai‘i is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

Acknowledgments: This edition of the Catalog would not have been possible without the assistance of many people. Thank you to Ronald Cambra, Jan Costa, April Drexel, Lisa Fujikawa, Joy Hakoda, Stella Hieda, Kevin Hu, Lisa Imai, Holli Kihara, Aaron Lee, Julienne Maeda, Diane Nakashima, Wendy Pearson, Michelle Saoit-Okihara, Sheanae Tam, and Ryan Yamaguchi.

Cover and Section Heads: This is the eleventh year a "Design the Catalog Cover" competition was presented to the UH Manoa student community. Jiaxi Wu is an art studio major. The concept for her cover represents UH Manoa as a friendly, multicultural, and vibrant school that teaches knowledge and essential value to provide a happy campus environment.

Photographs: Cover photographs courtesy of Jose Magno, Office of Admissions. Inside photographs courtesy of the schools and colleges.

Comments: Contact the Manoa Catalog Office at (808) 956-9947, 2600 Campus Road QLCSS 102, Honolulu, HI 96822, or email mcatalog@hawaii.edu to comment on this publication.