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Emeriti Faculty

Instructional Support, Research, and Service Units Staff


University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents

SULLIVAN, Jan Naoe (Chair)

MOORE, Randolph G. (Vice Chair)

KUDO, Benjamin A. (Vice Chair)

ACOBA, Simeon

BAL, Eugene III

HIGA, Brandon Marc


McENERNEY, Michael




TAGORDA, Michelle

WILSON, Ernest

YUEN, Stanford

Former Presidents

POPE, Willis T., 1907–1908 (Acting) (Deceased); BS 1898, Kansas State; MS 1916, California; DSc 1926, Hawai‘i

GILMORE, John W., 1908–1913 (Deceased); BSA 1898, MSA 1906, Cornell

DONAGHHO, John S., 1913–1914 (Acting) (Deceased); AB 1889, AM 1897, Marietta

DEAN, Arthur L., 1914–1927 (Deceased); BA 1900, Harvard; PhD 1902, Yale; LLD 1947, Hawai‘i

CRAWFORD, David L., 1927–1941 (Deceased); BA 1911, LLD 1933, Pomona; MA 1912, Stanford; LLD 1957, Hawai‘i

KELLER, Arthur R., 1941–1942 (Acting) (Deceased); LLB 1907, National University Law School; MS 1916, MIT; ScD 1942, Hawai‘i

SINCLAIR, Gregg M., 1942–1955 (Deceased); BA 1912, LLB 1949, Minnesota; MA 1919, LLD 1954, Columbia; LLD 1951, Ohio State; LLD 1955, UC Berkeley; HHD 1956, Hawai‘i; DLit 1960, Keio

BACHMAN, Paul S., 1955–1957 (Deceased); BS 1922, Ohio State; MA 1925, PhD 1927, Washington

WILSON, Willard, 1957–1958 (Acting) (Deceased); BA 1929, LLD 1961, Occidental College; MA 1930, Columbia; PhD 1939, Southern California

SNYDER, Laurence H., 1958–1963 (Deceased); BS 1922, ScD 1947, Rutgers; MS 1924, ScD 1926, Harvard; ScD 1960, Ohio State; HHD 1962, North Carolina

HAMILTON, Thomas H., 1963–1968 (Deceased); BA 1936, LLD 1961, DePauw; MA 1940, PhD 1947, Chicago; LHD 1960, Alfred; LLD 1961, Rollins College; LLD 1961, Colgate; DH 1967, Oakland U (Michigan); LLD 1967, SouthernCalifornia

HIATT, Robert W., 1968–1969 (Acting) (Deceased); BA 1936, San Jose State; PhD 1941, UC Berkeley

TAKASAKI, Richard S., 1969 (Acting) (Deceased); BS 1940, Hawai‘i; MA 1949, Columbia; MPA 1960, Harvard

CLEVELAND, Harlan, 1969–1974 (Deceased); AB 1938, Princeton; LLD 1956, Rollins College; 1960, Franklin and Marshall College; 1962, Middlebury College; 1962, Kent State; 1968, Arizona State; 1972, Korea U; LHD 1958, Alfred; 1966, Kenyon College; DCL 1966, American; LittD 1968, Pittsburgh

MATSUDA, Fujio, 1974–1984; BS 1949, Rose Polytechnic Institute; ScD 1952, MIT

SIMONE, Albert J., 1984–92; BA 1957, Tufts; PhD 1962, MIT

YUEN, Paul C., 1992–93 (Acting) (Deceased); BS 1952, Chicago; MS 1955, PhD 1960, Illinois Institute of Technology

MORTIMER, Kenneth P., 1993–2001; AB 1960, MBA 1962, Pennsylvania; PhD 1969, UC Berkeley

DOBELLE, Evan S., 2001–2004; BA 1983, MEd 1970, EdD 1987, Massachusetts-Amherst; MPA 1984, Harvard

McCLAIN, David, 2004–2009; BA 1968, Kansas; PhD 1974, MIT

GREENWOOD, M. R. C., 2010–2013; AB 1968, Vassar; PhD 1973, Rockefeller

University of Hawai‘i System Administration

LASSNER, David, President

THOMPSON, Nainoa, Advisor on Hawaiian Affairs

STRANEY, Donald, Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy

GOUVEIA, Jan, Vice President for Administration

YOUNG, Kalbert, Vice President for Budget and Finance/Chief Financial Officer

MORTON, John F., Vice President for Community Colleges

YOSHIMI, Garret, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

OKINAGA, Carrie K. S., Vice President for Legal Affairs and University General Counsel

SYRMOS, Vassilis L., Vice President for Research and Innovation

UH Manoa Administration

LASSNER, David, Interim Chancellor

*ERICSON, David P., Faculty Athletics Representative

MEISENZAHL, Dan, Director of Media Production

UWONO, Dee, Director and Title IX Coordinator

Academic Affairs

*BRUNO, Michael, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Vice Chancellor for Research; BS 1980, New JerseyInstitute of Technology; MS 1981, UC Berkeley; ScD 1986, MIT

*HALBERT, Debora, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science

*CAMBRA, Ronald E., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and Professor of Communicology

GOODWIN, April N., Program Officer, BA 2002, Hamline U; MIPA 2008, Wisconsin-Madison

McCREARY, Beverly, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel and Assistant Specialist; BS 1987, USC; MS 1990, PhD 1993, Oregon

PEARSON, Wendy L., Program Officer; BA 1993, Michigan State; MA 1996, Hawai‘i

ZHANG, Yang, Director of Institutional Research; BA 2002, Shandong U (China); MS 2005, Wisconsin-Milwaukee; MBA 2011, Edgewood College; PhD 2011, Wisconsin-Madison


BRUNO, Michael, Vice Chancellor for Research and Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; BS 1980, New Jersey Institute of Technology; MS 1981, UC Berkeley; ScD 1986, MIT

KAMEOKA, Velma A., Associate Vice Chancellor for Research; BA 1972, MS 1975, PhD 1979, Hawai‘i

WALTON, Chad, Research Program Officer; BS 1999, Norther Arizona; MBT 2002, U of Calgary; PhD 2006, Hawai‘i

Administration, Finance and Operations

CUTSHAW, Kathleen D., Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance and Operations; BA 1984, UC San Diego

FRENCH, Alexandra (Sandy), Director of Finance and Accounting; BA 1980, Reed College; MPA 1987, Lewis & Clark College

HUEBLER, Deborah T., Director of Campus Services; BS 1996, Arizona State; MPA 2014, Hawai‘i

KUNIYOSHI, Tammy M., Director of Human Resources; BBA 1989, Hawai‘i

NAGAO, Robert W., Budget Director; BA 1968, Chaminade

Student Affairs

IDETA, Lori M., Interim Vice Chancellor for Students; BEd 1990, MEd 1992, EdD 1996, Hawai‘i

*QUEMUEL, Christine, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity

SHABAZZ, Roxie M., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Director of Admissions

Graduate Education

*AUNE, Krystyna S., Dean of Graduate Division and Professor of Communicology

*MAEDA, Julienne K., Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science

Intercollegiate Athletics

MATLIN, David, Athletic Director; BA 1987, Michigan; MBA 1997, Hawai‘i

CLAPP, Carl R., Associate Athletics Director; BA 1981, UC Santa Barbara; MA 1985, Arizona

MANIN, Lois, Associate Athletics Director; BA 1990, Colorado State

Academic Administration


FRIEDMAN, Daniel S., Dean

Arts and Sciences

*ARNADE, Peter, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

*BRISLIN, Thomas, Interim Associate Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

*ELMINCK, Aloysius G., Dean, College of Natural Sciences

*LYONS, Laura, Interim Dean, College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

*KONAN, Denise E., Dean, College of Social Sciences

*KONDO-BROWN, Kimi, Associate Dean, College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature

*SUTHERLAND, Ross A., Interim Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences

*TAYLOR, Andrdew D., Interim Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Shidler College of Business

*ROLEY, V. Vance, Dean

*CHEN, Qimei, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

VARLEY, Richard, Director, Internships and Career Development

NAKATA, Unyong, Director, Development Office


*MURATA, Nathan M,, Dean

*JENKINS, Amelia, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

*NAKAOKA, Denise, Director of Student Academic Services

ABARA, Denise, Associate Director of Student Academic Services

TASHIMA, Sheryl, Administrative Officer; BBA 1982, Hawai‘i


*RIGGS, H. Ronald, Interim Dean

*MA, Tianwei David, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

CHOI, Song K., Assistant Dean; BS 1986, WPI; MS 1988, CMU; PhD 1995, Hawai‘i

Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge

*OSORIO, Jon, Interim Dean

CASHMAN, Edward Makahiapo, Director, Ka Papa Lo‘i O Kânewai; BA 1991, Hawai‘i

KEOLA, David, Administrative Officer; BBA 1989, Hawai‘i

*BALUTSKI, Brandi Jean Nâlani, Assistant Specialist

*FREITAS, Antoinette Konia, Director, Center for Hawaiian Studies

*KAUAI, Willy D. K., Director, Native Hawaiian Student Services

*NOBREGA-OLIVERA, Malia, Junior Specialist

*WONG, Annette I., Director, Center for Hawaiian Language


*SOIFER, Aviam, Dean

*ANTOLINI, Denise, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

KAWAKAMI, Ronette M., Associate Dean for Student Services

*HUTCHISON, Elisabeth Steele, Director of Admissions

KAU, Wesley, Administrative Officer

*KIMURA, Spencer, Director of LLM and Summer Programs

*LEE, Dale W., Director of Professional Development

MORDECAI, Minara, Director of Special Projects

NONZEE, Piyada, Registrar

*SKILLING, Liam, Director of the Evening Part-Time JD Program and Academic Success

*SZYMCZAK, Victoria, Director of Law Library

WAI, Cheong-Ming, Director of Information Technology


*HEDGES, Jerris R., Dean

OTSUKI, J. Alan, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

FOSTER, Nancy K., Executive Director of Administration, Finance and Operations and Chief Financial Officer

GERSCHENSON, Mariana, Director of Graduate Studies

KASUYA, Richard, Interim Director of Faculty Development

LEE, Winona, Director, ‘Imi Ho'ôla Post-Baccalaureate Program and PI for Native Hawaiian Center of Excellence

NIP ASANO, Ivy, Director of Admissions

OMORI, Jill, Interim Director of the Office of Medical Education

SMERZ, Richard, Director of Student Affairs

Nursing and Dental Hygiene

*BOLAND, Mary G., Dean

*CERIA-ULEP, Clementina, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

*QURESHI, Kristine, Associate Dean for Research

Ocean and Earth Science and Technology

*TAYLOR, Brian, Dean

*FLETCHER, Charles, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

SHOR, Alexander N., Associate Dean for Research

ANDAYA, Juanita C., Director of Administrative Services; BBA 1993, Washington State; MBA 2004, Hawai‘i

OSTRANDER, Christopher, Assistant Dean, Director of Strategic Initiatives and External Relations

GRABOWSKI, Marcie, Outreach Specialist; BA 2001, Missouri; MS 2005, Hawai‘i

ANTHONY, Leona M., Director of Student Services; BA 1986, Hawai‘i

Outreach College

*CHISMAR, William G., Interim Dean

*ABE, Harriet, Interim Associate Dean

Pacific and Asian Studies

*SUTTON, R. Anderson, Dean

*WESLEY-SMITH, Terence, Director and Chair, Pacific Islands Studies

*CLAYTON, Cathryn, Chair, Asian Studies

Social Work

*MOKUAU, Noreen, Dean

*PERKINSON, Margaret, Director, Center on Aging

*BRAUN, Kathryn, Director and Chair, Public Health

*GODINET, Meripa, Chair, Social Work

Travel Industry Management

BINGHAM, Thomas R., Interim Dean

FITZGERALD, Deborah, Director of Internship and Career Development

RAQUENO, Cathryn S. I., Director of Student Services

SOMA, Rachel, Director of Professional Development Program

Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

*COMERFORD, Nicholas, Dean and Director

*WIECZREK, Ania, Interim Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

YANG, Jinzeng, Interim Associate Dean and Associate Director of Research

*SEWAKE, Kelvin T., Interim Associate Dean and Associate Director for Cooperative Extension

LIM, Thomas, Director of Planning and Management Systems; BA 1978, New York U; MArch 1993, Hawai‘i

LEE, Adrienne, Director of Administrative Services; BBA 1991, MBA 2002, Hawai‘i