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The online emeriti faculty listing has been arranged alphabetically. Please click on a letter to jump to the corresponding section:

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ABRAMSON, Norman, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering; BA 1953, Harvard; MA 1955, UCLA; PhD 1958, Stanford

ADACHI, Mitsuo, Professor Emeritus of Educational Administration; BEd 1949, MEd 1964, Hawai‘i; EdD 1971, Arizona State

ADAMS, Patricia Gaither, Professor Emeritus of Dance; BFA 1976, Arizona State; MFA 1979, Utah

ADAMS, Paul L., Professor Emeritus of Social Work; BA/MA 1964, Oxford University (England); MSW 1970, U of Sussex (England); DSW 1979, UC Berkeley

AGBAYANI, Amefil, Assistant Vice Chancellor Emerita for Diversity and Director of Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity; BA 1962, U of Philippines; MA 1966, PhD 1969, Hawai‘i

AKITA, George, Professor Emeritus of History; BA 1951, Hawai‘i; MA 1953, PhD 1960, Harvard

ALLDAY, Christopher J., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics; BA 1965, MA 1969, Christ's College, Cambridge (UK); PhD 1970, UC Berkeley

ALLEN, Richard D., Professor Emeritus of Microbiology; BA 1957, Greenville College; MS 1960, Illinois; PhD 1964, Iowa State

ALVAREZ, Anne M., Researcher Emerita in Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, CTAHR; BS 1963, Stanford; MS 1966, PhD 1972, UC Berkeley

AMES, Roger T., Professor Emeritus of Philosophy; BA 1970, MA 1973, British Columbia; PhD 1978, London; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1986; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1990; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Research, 2012

ANDERSON, Alexander S., Professor Emeritus of Medicine; BA 1951, MD 1951, MD 1954, Michigan; MEd 1966, Illinois

ANDERSON, C. Webster, Professor Emeritus of Art; BA 1933, UC Berkeley; MA 1953, UCLA

APFFEL, James A., Associate Professor Emeritus of Education; BS 1963, Maryland; MEd 1967, Hawai‘i; EdD 1969, George Peabody College for Teachers

AQUINO, Belinda A., Professor Emerita of Asian Studies; BA 1957, U of Philippines; MA 1965, Hawai‘i; PhD 1974, Cornell; Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation Award for Faculty Service to the Community, 2008

ARAKAKI, Richard F., Professor Emeritus of Medicine; BS 1976, MS 1979, MD 1982, Hawai‘i

ARAKI, Charles T., Professor Emeritus of Educational Administration; BEd 1957, Certificate 1962, Hawai‘i; MS 1960, EdD 1970, Illinois

ARDOLINO, Frank R., Professor Emeritus of English; BS 1962, St. John's; MA 1964, NYU; PhD 1975, UC Riverside

ARKOFF, Abe, Professor Emeritus of Psychology; BA 1946, MA 1948, PhD 1951, Iowa; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1968

ASHTON, Geoffrey C., Professor Emeritus of Genetics; BSc 1945, PhD 1958, DSc 1967, Liverpool

ATEN, Donald G., Professor Emeritus of Educational Technology; BEd 1956, BA 1961, Hawai‘i; MA 1957, EdD 1969, Columbia

AU, Whitlow W. L., Researcher Emeritus in HIMB; BS 1962, MS 1964, PhD 1970, Washington State

AYABE, Harold I., Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology; BA 1957, Fort Wayne Bible College; MSEd 1968, PhD 1969, Indiana; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1972

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