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The online emeriti faculty listing has been arranged alphabetically. Please click on a letter to jump to the corresponding section:

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DAEUFER, Carl J., Professor Emeritus of Education; BS 1953, Penn State Teachers (Kutztown); MEd 1955, Temple; EdD 1972, Florida

DALE, Verda M., Specialist Emerita in Home Economics; BS 1938, Kansas State; MS 1950, Cornell; PhD 1968, Michigan State

DATOR, James, Professor Emeritus of Political Science; AB, Stetson; MA 1955, Pennsylvania State; PhD 1959, American; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1988

DAUER, Dorothea W., Professor Emerita of German; Diploma 1937, Sorbonne; PhD 1953, Texas

DAVIDSON, Dana H., Professor Emerita of Family and Consumer Sciences, CTAHR; BS 1971, Northwestern; MA 1972, Peabody Vanderbilt; PhD 1978, Claremont Graduate School; Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1992

DAVIDSON, Jack R., Researcher Emeritus in Agricultural Economics; BS 1953, Wyoming; MS 1956, Montana State; PhD 1960, UC Berkeley

DAWSON, Ruth P., Professor Emerita of Women’s Studies; BA 1965, College of Wooster; MA 1968, PhD 1973, Michigan

DAWSON, Steven M., Professor Emeritus of Financial Economics and Institutions; BA 1964, College of Wooster; MBA 1965, PhD 1971, Michigan; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1989; Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1990

DELA PENA, Ramon S., Agronomist Emeritus; BS 1958, U of the Philippines; MS 1964, PhD 1967, Hawai‘i

DES JARLAIS, Mary Ellen, Professor Emerita of Home Economics; BS 1940, MS 1963, Wisconsin; PhD 1977, Hawai‘i

DESPAIN, Norma L., Professor Emerita of English; BA 1959, Chicago; MA 1964, Brigham Young; PhD 1976, Connecticut; Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1988

DEUTSCH, Eliot, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy; BS 1952, Wisconsin; PhD 1960, Columbia

DEWEY, Alice G., Professor Emerita of Anthropology; BA 1950, MA 1954, PhD 1959, Radcliffe

DIAMOND, Milton, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology; BS 1955, CCNY; PhD 1962, Kansas

DINELL, Tom, Professor Emeritus of Urban and Regional Planning; AB 1948, Brown; MPA 1950, Michigan

DIWAN, Arwind R., Professor Emeritus of Tropical Medicine; BS 1952, Bombay; PhD 1965, London

DODD, Joseph D., Professor Emeritus of Theatre; BA 1974, Mary Washington; MFA 1980, Hawai‘i

DOLLAR, Alexander M., Professor Emeritus of Public Health; BS 1948, UC Berkeley; MS 1949, PhD 1958, Reading

DOUGLASS, Clyde Michael, Professor Emeritus of Urban and Regional Planning; BA 1967, UCLA; MA 1968, Hawai‘i; PhD 1982, UCLA

DOUE, Stephen M., Specialist Emeritus in Agricultural Economics; BS 1947, MA 1959, Hawai‘i

DOWRICK, Peter W., Professor Emeritus in Center for Disability Studies; PhD 1977, U of Auckland

DOYLE, James R., Professor Emeritus of Surgery; BA 1954, La Sierra; MD 1958, UC San Francisco

DUBANOSKI, Richard A., Dean Emeritus of College of Social Sciences and Professor Emeritus of Psychology; BA 1962, Wesleyan; MA, PhD 1966, Minnesota

DUBIN, Hazel, Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing; BSN 1950, Washington DC; MEd 1962, Hawai‘i; MN 1972, Seattle; PhD 1980, Florida

DUENNEBIER, Frederick K., Geophysicist Emeritus in Geology and Geophysics; BS 1965, Trinity College; MS 1968, PhD 1972, Hawai‘i

DUGAN, Gordon L., Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering; BS 1959, MS 1964, Washington State; PhD 1970, UC Berkeley

DUNN, Adrian J., Professor Emeritus of Psychology; BA 1965, MA 1968, PhD 1968, Cambridge (England)

DUNN-RANKIN, Peter, Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology; BS 1953, MS 1954, Florida State; MA 1963, Louisiana State; EdD 1965, Florida State