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Emeriti Faculty

The online emeriti faculty listing has been arranged alphabetically. Please click on a letter to jump to the corresponding section:

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CAMPBELL, Charles M., Researcher Emeritus in Animal Science; BS 1958, Texas A&M; MS 1960, Idaho; PhD 1964, Oklahoma State

CAMPBELL, Lyle R., Professor Emeritus of Linguistics; MA 1967, Washington; PhD 1971, UCLA

CARLSON, John G., Professor Emeritus of Psychology; BA 1963, PhD 1967, Minnesota

CARR, Gerald D., Professor Emeritus of Botany; BA 1968, Eastern Washington U; MS 1970, Wisconsin; PhD 1975, UC Davis

CARROLL, Jeffrey G., Professor Emeritus of English; BA 1972, Reed College; MA 1980, Hawai‘i; PhD 1987, Washington

CARROLL, William Dennis, Professor Emeritus of Theatre and Dance; BA 1962, MA 1966, Sydney; MFA 1964, Hawai‘i; PhD 1969, Northwester

CENCE, Robert J., Professor Emeritus of Physics; AB 1952, PhD 1959, UC Berkeley; Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching, 1991

CHANDLER, David B., Professor Emeritus of Sociology; BA 1960, MA 1964, McMaster; PhD 1970, Cornell; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1984

CHANG, Jen Hu, Professor Emeritus of Geography and Climatology; BA 1949, Che Kiang; MA 1952, PhD 1954, Clark

CHANG, Sen-Dou, Professor Emeritus of Geography; BA 1949, Chin-nan (China); MA 1955, Wisconsin; PhD 1961, Washington

CHAPMAN, Murray, Professor Emeritus of Geography; BA 1957, MA 1960, Auckland; PhD 1970, Washington

CHAR, Donald F. B., Specialist Emeritus in Student Health Services; MD 1950, Temple

CHAR, Walter F., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry; MD 1945, Temple

CHARLOT, John P., Professor Emeritus of Religion; BA 1962, Louvain; DTh 1968, Munich

CHATTERGY, Virgie O., Professor Emerita of Curriculum Studies; BS 1960, St. Theresa's College (Philippines); MA 1966, EdD 1969, UCLA

CHEN, Wai-Fah, Researcher Emeritus in Civil and Environmental Engineering; BS 1959, National Cheng-Kung; MS 1963, Lehigh; PhD 1966, Brown

CHENG, Edmond D. H., Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering; BS 1961, National Taiwan U; PhD 1969, Utah State

CHENG, Ping, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1958, Oklahoma State; MS 1960, MIT; PhD 1965, Stanford; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1989

CHENG, Robert L., Professor Emeritus of Chinese and Japanese; BA 1960, MA 1963, Taiwan Normal U; PhD 1966, Indiana

CHIA, Chian Leng, Specialist Emeritus in Horticulture; BS 1968, MS 1969, Hawai‘i; PhD 1975, Cornell

CHING, Chauncey T. K., Researcher Emeritus in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, CTAHR; BS 1962, UC Berkeley; MS 1965, PhD 1967, UC Davis

CHING, Donna R., Specialist Emerita in Family Resources; BS 1974, Hawai‘i; MS 1976, MLIR 1982, PhD 1986, Michigan State; Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation Award for Faculty Service to the Community, 2002

CHO, John J., Researcher Emeritus in Plant Pathology; BA 1968, Hawai‘i; MS 1972, PhD 1974, UC Berkeley

CHOE, Yong-ho, Professor Emeritus of History; BA 1961, Arizona; MA 1963, PhD 1971, Chicago

CHOU, James C. S., Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering; BS 1941, National Institute of Technology (China); MS 1949, Georgia Institute of Technology; PhD 1968, Oklahoma State

CHOU, Michaelyn P., Librarian Emerita; BA 1954, MLS 1955, UC Berkeley; MA 1975, PhD 1980, Hawai‘i

CHOW, Pamela, County Extension Agent Emerita in Family and Consumer Sciences, CTAHR; BS 1976, Hawai‘i; MS 1977, Purdue

CHOY, Dexter J. L., Professor Emeritus of Travel Industry Management; BBA 1967, MBA 1970, MA 1973, PhD 1978, Hawai‘i

CLARKE, Antony D., Researcher Emeritus in Oceanography; BS 1967, Delaware; MS 1978, Portland State; PhD 1983, Washington

COLBY, Robert R., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics; BS 1960, MA 1963, PhD 1965, Washington

COLE, Robert E., Professor Emeritus of Psychology; BA 1961, Montana; MA 1963, PhD 1966, Hawai‘i

COLLISON, Fredrick M., Professor Emeritus of Travel Industry Management; BSE 1969, Michigan; MBA 1976, Delaware; PhD 1982, Michigan State

CONANT, Sheila, Professor Emerita of Biology and Zoology; BA (Hons) 1966, MS 1968, Hawai‘i; MS 1972, PhD 1972, Oklahoma; Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1985; Fujio Matsuda Scholar, 1990; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1992

COOKE, Ian M., Professor Emeritus of Zoology and PBRC; AB 1955, MA 1959, PhD 1962, Harvard

COOPER, Joanne E., Professor Emerita of Educational Administration; BA 1967, Oregon State; MA 1969, MA 1981, PhD 1989, Oregon; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1994

CORBIN, Donald A., Professor Emeritus of Accounting and Business Economics; BS 1942, MBA 1943, PhD 1945, UC Berkeley; CPA 1947, California

COTLAR, Morton, Professor Emeritus of Management and Industrial Relations; BSME 1950, MSAeroE 1955, Drexel; PhD 1969, Georgia

COWING, Cedric B., Professor Emeritus of History; BA 1948, MA 1950, Stanford; PhD 1956, Wisconsin-Madison

CRAMER, Roger E., Professor Emeritus of Chemistry; BS 1965, Bowling Green; PhD 1969, Illinois

CRAWFORD, S. Cromwell, Professor Emeritus of Religion; BD 1952, Serampore; MAT 1959, Indiana; ThD 1965, Pacific School of Religion

CRAVEN, Thomas C., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics; BA 1969, Reed; MA 1971, PhD 1973, Cornell

CREAN, John E., Jr., Professor Emeritus of German; AB 1962, College of Holy Cross; MA 1964, PhD 1966, Yale

CRILEY, Richard A., Researcher Emeritus in Tropical Plant and Soil Science, CTAHR; BS 1962, MS 1964, Pennsylvania State; PhD 1968, UCLA

CROOK, Keith A. W., Specialist Emeritus in Oceanography; BSc 1954, MSc 1956, Sydney; PhD 1959, New England; BA 1967, Australia National

CROOKER, Peter P., Professor Emeritus of Physics; BS 1959, Oregon State; PhD 1967, Naval Postgraduate School; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1997

CSORDAS, George L. E., Professor Emeritus of Mathematics; BA 1964, Toronto; MS 1966, PhD 1969, Case Western Reserve; Regents' Medal for Excellence in Teaching, 1985

CURRIE, Edward M., Professor Emeritus of Accounting; BSc 1948, Iowa; MS 1965, PhD 1967, Minnesota; CMA 1973, Hawai‘i

CURTIS, Delores M., Professor Emerita of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; BS 1951, Indiana State Teachers; MS 1957, EdD 1963, Illinois